Novel Name : Charming Mommy of adorable triplets

Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 2076

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Chapter 2076 Waylon smiled. “You pay a lot of attention to my sister.”

Cameron raised her brow and smiled. “Because I like her.”

She then looked toward Daisie, who was very energetic, and clicked her tongue. “A girl who is so adora
ble and innocent, yet determined. How I wish she was my wife.”

Waylon looked at her and sighed. “Have you forgotten about Ms. Torres already?”

Cameron sighed. “Is she still on your mind?”

He casually said, “Somewhat.” He then raised his brows and looked at her. “It was dark that night, but s
he looked familiar.” Cameron crossed her arms. “Do you think all women that you meet for the first time
look familiar?”

Waylon didn‘t reply while they looked at each other.

Daisie fell and distracted them, moving their attention to her.

Mahina walked over to help her up.‘“Are you alright, Ms. Vanderbilt?”

Daisie shook her head because her arm hurt and was stiff.

Waylon walked over and held her shoulder, then calmly said, “You‘ve just been learning for a day. Ther
e‘s no need to rush it and use up all your energy.” Cameron walked over too. “He‘s right. I don‘t need y
ou to pass on the first day. You have a month. Go take a hot shower and continue tomorrow.”

Daisie nodded and walked out of the ring.

Waylon watched her walk away and pressed his lips together. She must be concerned about what hap
pened the other day, and that was why she was rushing things.

Daisie sat in the tub, looking dull. She was nowhere near as good as Mahina, let alone the others. She
had to work harder.

Daisie went to the training grounds for the next few days. She slowly got used to the whip and started u
sing it differently. When she finally hit Mahina‘s arm, she couldn‘t believe it. Mahina smiled and said, “C
ongratulations, Ms. Vanderbilt, you‘ve passed.”

Daisie excitedly asked, “What‘s next?”

Mahina asked three of the men over. “You have to face the four of us. You‘ll be considered an apprentice
she remembered something, then nodded and looked serious. “Okay.” Cameron and Waylon stood not t

Waylon looked down. “She always does.”

Even though Daisie was well–
protected and loved since she was a child and hadn‘t faced many problems in life, she
had a determination that could rival any other person. She worked
hard in school and ventured into the entertainment industry
by herself. Once she set her mind, she would see it through.

Cameron was going to say something when the butler suddenly rushed over. “Sir, Mr. Goldmann.” She l
running his fingers over his rosary. Cameron walked in. “You wanted to see us?” He slowly turned aroun
and said, “I just got the news that something happened to Joaqin.“

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