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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 2073

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Chapter 2073 Not long after the message was conveyed, Buchunon relved. call from Fabian

Fabio said something to him through therall, and mucharon d to what he will with . Smile. “Yes,
inderstood Don’t worry. I’ll.dle this will”

He then ended the call, turned around, and lancedat Collin within futhless r rison It’s pily, Collin Since
your plan has been revealent, Mr Puzo can’t keep you by his side anymore” Collin’s expression
changed drastically and he climbed to Hucbanon’ “I’ve really beli WTONped! It’s Ms Serrina
whaitickecline’ Please ask Mr Moto Venenother chiner!”

Buchanon ignored Collin’s cryand w.veillus hand

A bodyguard walked up to his back, covered his mouth.rabbehished at the top and the chin, and exerci
brute force abruptly

Collin’s head was twisted, and the bodypu


has tremely dowiistan

On the other side of the town, in alor spring suns

The lighting in the VIP room was dim, and Fabio was soaking blonde beauties sitting in his army

a lot spring bath with wo

The woman who walked in stood by the bath and lowered her head “Mr Puzo, Mr Gibson his already
dealt with Collin”

Fabio sheered, “He didn’t disappoint med jctually found out the site with thai hipierit within a day”

He picked up the wine glass beside him,ind the blonde beauty beside him poured in some wine
consciously, “However, do you think I should believe what Collin bad

The woman lifted her gaze “Are you referring to the fact that Ms Serrano is the one who played hun?”

Fabio laughed out loud. “Joaqın can’t even go against Sunny without getting himself singed. and we’re
now talking about his daughter. Does she have the capability to get her hands on the goods that the
Southern Clan confiscaled?

The woman’s eyes moved, “Perhaps we’ve underestimated Joaqin’s daugliter.”

Fabio drank the wine slowly “Whal makes you think so?”

The corners of her lips rose slightly “I found something interesting. Cameron was assaulted after he
tertunated his engagement wiih Ms Serrano, and the goois who allaxked hun were kullers from the
Skull Club.”

Fabio paused for a split second, and his eyes turned gloomy

The woman lowered her head, her expression unchanged. “I was really worried that this would ruin
your plan, so I looked into the facts The person who hired those lallers is indeed sotneone who’s
working for Ms. Serrano.”

“Great.” Fabio slammed the wine glass on the edge of the bath heavily. pushed the ladics in his arms
away, and goi oul of the bath. “No wonder I heard that the Skull Club’s members got

seriously injured in the Southern Clan’s territory and were sent back to the club, so this is the reason

The woman picked up the bathrobe and landed it to him

He took the bathrobe and parted the woman’s shoulder, “Gail. you’ve done a good job Huntley has truly
found me a good helper.” Gail lowered her gaze. “It’s my honor to be able to share your worries”

Fabio put on his bathrobe and left the VIP room.

Gail stared at Fabio’s back as he departed from the room, and a lunt of coldness flashed across her

Sure enough, Fabio sent someone to, and Joaqin’s expression denmed instantly when he
heard these words “Could this be a lisunderstanding?”

“A misunderstanding.” The man scoffed disdainfully. “Mr. Serrano, what Mr Puzo means is That if you
can’t keep your daughter under control, he doesn’t mind sending someone to help you oui So I would
suggest you think about it seriously ”

The man then left with his men

Joaqin immediately sent someone to summon Florence

Florence thought that her father had imally thought things through, so she walked up to him with a
smirk alter entering the room. “Dul, you’re fmally willing to see the Seeing ihal Joaqin’s expression
looked more exasperated than usual, she was stunned “Dad?”

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