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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 2075

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Chapter 2075 Cameron raised the whip in her hand. “Do you want to learn?” Daisie was startled and po
inted to the whip. “You want me to learn how to use a whip from


“Don‘t underestimate the power of whips. Whips are considered one of the cold weapons that have exis
ted since ancient times. There are eleven ways to maneuver a whip, and there are soft and hard whips.
You can use a single whip or dual whips. Metal whips and leather whips are the most common ones, a
nd this is a leather whip, the more common one out of the two. It‘s the

easiest to maneuver for beginners.” Daisie took the short red whip from her. It was indeed made of leat
her, and it felt cool to the touch. The key was that it was very portable, and the craftsmanship was very

Cameron smiled. “If you like it, I‘ll give it to you.”

Daisie was startled for a split second. “That‘s not very appropriate…” Cameron shoved the whip into he
r hand. “There‘s no need to be this polite with me. Take it. I‘ll get Mahina to teach you how to use it. As l
ong as you‘re willing to practice hard, I guarantee that you‘ll definitely be able to pick it up within a mont

Daisie held the short whip in her hand and pursed her lips.

‘I was actually fooling around when Aunt Saydie wanted to teach me self–
defense back then. If I were to practice hard now, perhaps I wouldn‘t be a burden if we were to encount
er the same situation again.‘

Waylon came to the martial arts center, glanced at the ring, and saw Cameron teaching Daisie how to u
se the whip personally.

She got Mahina to put on an arm sheath and stood across from Daisie on the other end of the arena. “If
you can touch
her arm with your whip and without getting it caught by her, that will be counted as a pass for your first t
raining session.”

Daisie was startled. “Is that all?” “This doesn‘t sound difficult at all.‘

Cameron chuckled. “You‘ll know after you give it a try.” She stepped aside, leaned comfortably against t
he guardrail, grabbed a handful of pistachios from
a plate, and started snacking on them. Daisie swung the whip and aimed it at Mahina‘s arm, but she tur
ned sideways and avoided her attack. She was rather agile, but Daisie did not give up and continued to
swing the whip horizontally, and the soft whip slashed across the stagnant air and whistled like the win
d. Mahina took a step back, leaned her upper body backward, and easily intercepted
the whip that missed her.

Cameron crossed her arms and shook her head. “Your speed is still too slow,
and the strength of your swing is not strong enough. Mahina is your enemy in the ring, so don‘t worry a
bout hurting her.”

Daisie gnashed her teeth and continued to attack her.

time she made a move, Mahina seemed to be able to see through it. She had been maintaining a defen
sive stance and almost did not leave the corner she had been in since the beginning of the session. Sh
e was going up against Daisie, who was only trying to launch her attacks anxiously, so she
was able to deal with it more calmly.

After several attempts, Daisie‘s whip got caught by Mahina five times, and she flung her hand to the poi
nt where she felt sore in her arm, but she still could not touch Mahina‘s arm.

She leaned forward, propped her hands against her knees, and panted as fine beads of sweat rolled do
wn her cheeks, and her clean clothes were already drenched.

She finally realized that what she thought was
simple was not simple at all. Everyone else in the martial arts center was so busy training that they did
not even notice that Waylon was approaching the arena.

He stood under the ring, watched for a while, and then walked toward Cameron. “Mr. Southern, it looks
like you‘re in a good mood today. You‘re even teaching my sister how to use the whip now.”

Cameron glanced at Waylon, who was approaching her. “I think your sister has quite a solid foundation,
defense. Perhaps they‘ll come in handy someday in the future.”

Waylon frowned slightly when he stared at Daisie, who had been unwilling to stop.

Ever since he was a kid, he and their father had always been reluctant to make her suffer, although he k

However, when he witnessed this, it would be a lie for him to say that he did not feel distressed at all.

Cameron put aside the pistachios‘ shells and rubbed her hands. “Mr. Goldmann, are you feeling sorry fo

He nodded. “I can‘t say that I don‘t.”

“Having good brothers like you two, her life should have been smooth sailing.” Cameron said, “Of course

“However, you guys are in the East Islands now, and this is a place where you‘ll find all sorts of people.
her whole without any hesitation. Hence, with such a dangerous appearance, if Ms. Vanderbilt were to ru

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