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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 2078

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Chapter 2078 Manuel‘s expression changed so slightly
that nobody noticed. Florence looked upset as she asked, “Don‘t you know?” Sunny smiled. “Why woul
d we know?”

She coldly said, “If it wasn‘t because the Southern Clan messed
with East Gate and let my father take my blame for it, why would my dad be killed?”

“Oh?” Sunny nodded. “So it was related to East Gate. That‘s weird. Why would what happened in East
Gate involve The Serpents?”

Manuel immediately said, “If it wasn‘t because you confiscated their liquor and pretended to be a Serpe
nt and stole the liquor from Parkin, Mr. Serrano would still be alive!”

Sunny chuckled. “So, you‘re saying that Mr. Puzo caused his death?”

Manuel‘s expression changed. “What are you saying?” “Did I understand it wrongly then?” Sunny‘s eye
s turned so dark that Manuel didn‘t dare look at him. He continued. “East Gate sold low–
quality and counterfeit liquor on my turf. It would make sense for me to confiscate his shipment. Howev
er, do you have evidence that we did it?”

Manuel gnashed his teeth. Sunny had always been clever with his words, and since they didn‘t have pr
oof that the Southern Clan was involved, it wasn‘t looking good for them. Florence helped him. “Manuel
just wants to find my dad‘s killer. There‘s no need to put him on the spot.”

“Hmph! Did you think about that when you hired killers to take out Cam?”

That statement made Florence look uneasy.

Cameron understood why her father wanted to bring them over. He wasn‘t there to pay respects but to f
ind out who the snitch was.

Sunny continued. “Florence, you‘ll be running The Serpents after your father‘s death, so you need to be
careful. If someone manipulated you, your father and ancestor‘s hard work would have been in vain.” F
lorence took a deep breath and said, “Thanks for your concern.” “Cam, come pay your respects.” Sunn
y suddenly said. Cameron nodded, then walked over to the casket and suddenly asked, “Why isn‘t it an
open casket?”

Florence‘s face dropped, and she tried to explain. “We can‘t even find his body. What‘s the point of havin

“How did you know that he‘s dead then?”

Manuel spoke at that moment. “Mr. Southern, please
have some respect for the dead.” Cameron glared at him. “I‘m speaking to Florence, so there‘s no need

Manuel was going to lose his temper when Florence held him back. “If you‘re here to pay your respects,

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