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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 2082

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Chapter 2082 “No matter how many of us are there, other than stamina
and defense, everyone has a weak point that you can use to your advantage.” Daisie bit her lip. She fin
ally understood how rushing things wouldn’t be beneficial. Waylon patted her shoulder and smiled. “If e
veryone had your determination, everyone would be unbeatable.”

She frowned. “You‘re mocking me.”

He smiled deeply. “Don‘t force yourself.”

Daisie turned her face away. “No, I need to train well since I‘ve started it. If I don‘t, I‘ll… gain ten pound
s for every meal I take.”

That was the worst curse she could think of.

Waylon shook his head.

Daisie had trained from morning till evening and was covered in sweat. She returned to her room, took
a shower, and wanted to speak to Cameron about identifying points of attack. She walked downstairs a
nd asked the butler, who replied, “He should be in his room.”

Daisie walked to Cameron‘s room and knocked on the door but didn‘t get a reply. She turned the knob
and realized that it wasn‘t locked.

She was shocked when she walked in. In her mind, men would have minimalistic colors in their rooms,
they would usually be gray or white–but Cameron‘s room was far from that.

It had elaborate decor with warm colors and looked very cozy. A curtain was half drawn to cover the be
d while strings of beads surrounded it. The circle window faced the woods, and all she could see was g

Daisie looked toward the dressing table, which was covered
with skincare bottles and makeup. She walked over and picked up a lipstick. At that
moment, a noise came from the bathroom. Daisie turned and saw a long–
haired woman drying her hair with a towel as she walked out in a bathrobe.

The air froze when their eyes met.

Daisie immediately snapped back and pointed at her. “You really are”

Before she could finish, Cameron had covered her mouth.

She took a deep breath and said, “You found out.”

Daisie moved her hand away. “Are you going to kill me?” Cameron placed her
towel on the table. “I would have broken their necks if it were anyone else.”

Daisie‘s hand went to her beck while she peeped at Cameron, remembering her suspicions at Yuzu Vill
a. Her instincts were right.

She whispered. “But they say that Mr. Southern… only has a son?” How did it turn out to be a

Chapter 2082


walked to the door and locked it. “I was raised like a boy, and to the outsiders my father led a shady orga
him.” She walked to Daisie. “Other than Mahina, my
father, and the butler, only you know who I am. Do you think…”

She raised her brow and leaned closer to Daisie. “I should cut your tongue off?” Daisie covered her mou

Cameron laughed because of how serious she looked, then sat on the bed. “I was just scaring


Daisie looked down. “I didn‘t think you would be taking a shower.” She was too curious.

Cameron laughed. “You would be done with if I were a man.”

Daisie was rendered speechless. “But you‘re even more playful than a man.” Cameron pushed her hair

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