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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 2083

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Chapter 2083 Daisie remembered why she was there. “I‘d like to ask you about weak points.” Cameron
looked at her. “It‘s easy. Get up where you call. Learning is important when
you are sparring. Remember what moves they used to take you down so you will know how to defend y
ourself the next time they use it.”

Daisie thought about it.

Cameron shrugged. “No matter how good someone‘s defenses are, there will always be a point where
you can attack. If you keep attacking that spot, they will keep
defending. And when they‘re only focused on defending and not offense, that‘s when you get them.”

Daisie pressed her lips together to try to remember. For the next few days, Cameron watched while Dai
sie practiced. Daisie had improved tremendously and was able to face three people in one go and still
manage to defend herself.

She was getting well at using the whip as if it was now part of her body.

When she hit the arms of two men, she jumped up in joy, forgot who Cameron was supposed to be, an
d rushed over to hug her. “I got them!” Cameron looked at everyone who was training there, and unsur
prisingly, they were all shocked.

Cameron cleared her throat and patted Daisie‘s back with an awkward laugh. “Not bad.” Daisie noticed
that and immediately let go of her. She forgot that to everyone there, Cameron was a ‘man‘.

When Waylon walked in, he heard a few men talking about it. “Do you think Ms. Vanderbilt has a crush
on Cameron?” “I think it‘s the other way around. Why else would he let Mahina train her for
that long?” “Well, he‘s single anyway, and I think Ms. Vanderbilt is a good fit as
his wife. I hope we‘ll be able to attend their wedding this year.” Waylon slowed down his steps and as h
e thought about it. When he got

to the ring, most people had left, and the three women were still there. Daisie and Cameron looked like
they were having a good time, and Daisie was holding her arm. They looked intimate. When Daisie saw
Waylon, she was
surprised, then immediately let go of Cameron‘s hand and smiled awkwardly. “Waylon.”

Cameron looked toward him. Waylon squinted. “Since when were you so close?“.

Daisie looked away. “Because
Cameron had been taking care of me recently like you have, so we‘ve gotten close.”

“Is that so?” Waylon‘s eyes looked toward Cameron.

Cameron crossed her arms and challenged him with her eyes. “Yes, if Daisie can‘t marry me, she can a
t least be my sister.”

Waylon stared straight into her eyes, and things became awkward.

Daisie knew that Waylon had misunderstood, but she couldn‘t tell him about Cameron‘s actual identity.

Mahina left with Cameron.

Daisie was walking behind Waylon when he suddenly stopped. “Daisie.”

Daisie looked at him while he turned to face her. “Are you hiding something from me?”

She froze, then shook her head. “No.”

Waylon observed her. He knew his sister wouldn‘t get too close to men, except for family members and
lied, her actions would look unnatural, and her eyes would drift, just like how she was at that moment.

He didn‘t call her out but said, “It‘s been a long day. Go take a rest.” Daisie was relieved.
She nodded and quickly walked away.

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