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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 2084

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Chapter 2084

Wavlon watched Daisie walk away. It was time he looked into the identity of ‘Ms. Torres

The rumors spread quickly, and Daisie suddenly became the future Mrs. Southern, and it finally got to

Sunny, who was polishing his antique vase, looked up. “Where did these rumors come from?”

The butler replied. “The martial arts center, Cameron
has been training with Ms. Vanderbilt for the past few days, and many people have seen them. They m
ust have assumed that they have a thing going on.”

How would the two girls have a thing going on!?

Sunny was amused. “That‘s a huge misunderstanding.”

Still, the butler was worried. “I‘m worried that Cameron‘s identity will be exposed one day.”

Sunny placed the vase back into the box. “It will happen sooner or later, but the later, the better, especi
ally when we have a very clever guest at home.”

“Do you mean Mr. Goldmann?”

“Do you remember he mentioned Ms. Torres?” Sunny took a deep breath. “He must have bumped into
Cam when she went out as a woman
and was coming home, so he must have noticed something.” The butler recalled
that and thought that things would become awkward soon. Would he think that Cameron had brought a
woman home?

Sunny placed the box back onto the rack. “It‘s not the time
to worry about this now. The Southern Clan has been on the island for years, so we can‘t let the hard w
ork of two generations ruin in the hands of those people.”

The butler understood. Even though the Southern Clan had agreed with the southwest side not to interf
ere with each other, people changed.


Daisie and Mahina finished their training and were resting.

Daisie didn‘t know what to do about the rumors about Cameron and herself. “Mahina, do you think I‘ve
caused a problem for her?”

Mahina smiled. “No, they‘re just curious and will forget about it after a while.”

Cameron was a man to them, and he would never be too close to a woman in front of them.

Daisie looked down. “I think she has been through a lot, but how long will she hide the secret? What wil
l happen in the future?

Men would eventually have to start a family, and she would have to take over the Southern Clan. Every
one would expect Cameron to marry as long as she was still ‘a man‘. Mahina smiled. “Who knows what
the future holds? But her identity must not be exposed yet, so we‘ll need your help to keep it a secret.”

Daisie understood because if her identity was exposed, it would bring a lot
of trouble to the Southern Clan.

The night was dark. A slither of moonlight shone through the curtains and onto the bed.

Daisie lay on her side and could hear her door opening, then light footsteps approaching her.

She opened her eyes and was alert. She felt around next to her pillow and found her whip.

When she pushed her blanket aside and raised her hand, the person grabbed her by her wrist

and pushed her back onto the bed.

She was going to scream when a finger was placed on her lips. “It‘s me.”

Daisie could clearly see his face thanks to the dim moonlight. Daisie blinked and whispered. “Nolly?“.

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