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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 2086

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2086 Daisie scratched her cheeks and explained in embarrassment, “Uh… Perhaps there‘s nothing to
be jealous of.”

‘He hit a home run last night. It‘d be too much for him to be jealous of me now.’ Cameron crossed her a
rms and looked unhappy. “That‘s no fun. I was just thinking of becoming his so–
called love rival.” Daisie smiled without saying a word.

Meanwhile, Waylon was looking at the courtyard with Nollace, and
his expression looked calm. “You don‘t seem to mind Daisie being so close to Cameron.”

Nollace retracted his gaze and laughed. “It‘s no big deal.”

Waylon squinted slightly. “It seems that you already knew?” Nollace turned his head to look at Waylon.
“What do you mean by that?”

“What do you think?”

He did not answer the question directly and responded very mysteriously, keeping others away from th
e truth–this had always been Waylon‘s personality.

If it were someone else who was not cautious and shrewd enough, they would most probably have bee
n deceived most of the time.

Nollace glanced past the two people who were strolling on the other side of the courtyard.” You‘ve alwa
ys been smart. How could you have not guessed it?”

Waylon frowned and said nothing.

‘What he means is that the truth should not be not far away from what I think it is.‘

He had asked Saydie to investigate the identity of Ms. Torres, but she could not find anything about her.
The only information that she could find was that this lady had played the owner of the East Gate

was not that he had not thought of the relationship between Ms. Torres and Cameron, but he did not thi
nk about it to that extent.

That was because it was just unimaginable to him.

As everyone knows, Sunny Southern, the great hero of East Eurasia, has only one son. However, if this
“son” of his is actually not a son, then it will all make sense.‘

–“Waylon, Nollace?” When Daisie and Cameron came back, they happened to run into the two

people standing in the corridor.

Waylon looked at them, and his gaze swept casually across to Cameron. He thought of the reason Dai
sie would have that intuition that she brought up the other day when she was in the car with him.

‘It can be said that Cameron looks taller than most women, but no matter his body figure or appearance
, he doesn‘t look like a man. Not to mention, the woman from the other night

looked tall too, and her high heels were about 4 inches high, which made her stand at a height where t
he top of her head was on the same level as the bridge of my nose.

It just happened that the light was dim and the atmosphere was blurry, but I could still get a rough imag
e of her facial outline and body figure. Now that I think about it, all of them fit Cameron just fine. ‘This w
ould also back the reason Saydie can‘t find anything about her.‘ Cameron met his gaze and frowned sli

ghtly when she saw him staring at her carefully. But before she could say anything, Nollace stretched o
ut his hand and pulled Daisie into his arms.

Daisie blushed, buried herself in his chest, and
whispered, “Waylon and Cameron are here!” He responded with a whisper, “We‘re husband and wife.
What’s there to be afraid of?”

Waylon shook his head helplessly.

Cameron rolled her eyes and said, “Are the two of us non–existent to you two?”

Nollace raised his eyebrows. “If you‘re
envious of us, why don‘t you find yourself a lady too?” She moved on to challenge him. “Then why
don‘t you give up on your wife and leave her to


Daisie‘s heart skipped a beat. She was terrified that Nollace would get all worked up because of what C

However, unexpectedly, Nollace gave off a pregnant smirk. “Even if I wouldn‘t mind doing so, will you be
to guard against. ‘If I can‘t get out on top of this psychological warfare, I‘ll be left in a crisis because of m

Making a fuss out of the situation caused everyone present to shift their attention away from Cameron.

Nollace was stunned. “I didn‘t say that.”

Daisie got piqued and poked him vigorously on the shoulder. “Didn‘t you say you wouldn‘t mind doing so

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