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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 2087

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Chapter 2087 Daisie acted domineeringly but still looked adorable. Nollace could not help but feel helpl
ess. Daisie turned around
and said to Cameron, “Cam, didn‘t you say that you want to take me out? Let‘s go now.”

She left the scene first, and Cameron did not reject her. When she glanced at
Nollace, a hint of pride flashed across her face.

Nollace was at a loss for words for a moment.

Waylon finally realized that Daisie was helping Cameron cover up her identity.

The car drove slowly toward downtown.

Cameron glanced at Daisie and chuckled. “Thank you.” Daisie sighed. “Nollace and Waylon aren‘t indiv
iduals that you can fool so easily. I think they‘ve already started to be suspicious of you.”

Cameron looked out the window. “Wayne has seen me in women‘s attire, so it‘s normal for him to start t
o suspect me.”

Daisie was shocked. “When did that happen?”

Cameron chuckled and turned to look at her. “I‘m the Ms. Torres that he mentioned the other


Daisie came to enlightenment all of a sudden.

Cameron shrugged. “I guess Wayne is already suspicious of me. As for whether Nollace will discover m
y real identity, it‘s probably just a matter of time.”

Daisie pursed her lips and said nothing.

Mahina parked the car in a large shopping mall downtown. The area was still lively, boisterous, and bus
tling, and there were a lot of foreign tourists.

Daisie and Cameron got out of the car, leaving Mahina in the car, waiting for them to return.

Luxury duty–
free shops could be seen everywhere in the mall, and there were many customers, most of whom were
Caucasians. In contrast, the salespeople and cashiers in the stores were mostly Eurasians.

Daisie asked, “Please don‘t tell me that this mall belongs to you, Southerns?”

Cameron nodded. “Yes, the owners of these shops all cooperate with the Southern Clan.”

At that moment, there was a commotion ahead. It was quite loud, and many people were still surroundi
ng the scene and witnessing it. Daisie and Cameron fought through
the crowd and saw several men in black standing in a clothing boutique. Two bodyguards forced two sa
lespeople to kneel on the ground and slapped them.

Blood could be seen oozing out of the corner of the lips of the two salespeople, and their cheeks were
red and swollen.

The rest of the employees of the boutique did not dare to speak. While this episode was taking place, a
woman was sitting on the couch sipping tea, and it was none other than Florence. Daisie wanted to rus
h in, but Cameron stopped her. “Don‘t. Let‘s get a better understanding of what‘s happening first.”

Florence put down the teacup and waved, and the two bodyguards stepped aside. The female salespe
ople who got slapped trembled, cried, and apologized to her constantly. Florence got up, stood in front
of them, and looked condescendingly at them. “So, you finally understand that you should really be afra
id of me?”

She leaned over and pinched the chin of one of the female salespeople. “Do you think that I won‘t dare t
just because you‘re working in the Southern Clan‘s territory? I‘m not even afraid of the Southerns, so wh

The female salesperson trembled from head to toe.

Florence then pushed the woman away, and the woman fell to the ground, not daring to even move a m

“How dare you say that I‘m not welcome here? Pfft!” Florence looked at the men in black and gave an o

walked out of the crowd slowly. “I dare you to try.” When Florence saw that it was her, a trace of viciousn
confront death alone?”

“Am I truly confronting death?” Cameron
casually rolled up her sleeves. “Are you saying you really believe that this group of trash that you brough


Florence‘s expression looked embarrassed. She had not reconciled to the fact
that the killers Manuel had hired in the past had failed to kill the man standing in front of her. ‘I refuse to

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