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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 2091

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Chapter 2091 Cameron took a
deep breath and gnashed her teeth. “He got off easy.” Cameron returned to her room, took a shower, a
nd changed into fresh clothes. The pants with blood on them were thrown onto the pile of dirty clothes.
Mahina entered soon. “Your period started?”

She never let the helpers clean her
clothes or enter her room. Every helper in the house knew that her room was prohibited, so her room w
ould always be cleaned by either the butler or Mahina, including her clothes.

Mahina sneaked in even her period pads.

Cameron sat on the bed with a hot water bag on her lower abdomen. “Help me throw the clothes into th
e washer, and don‘t let anyone see them.”

Mahina nodded, then left with the laundry basket.

Cameron lay in bed, feeling unhappy because she was caught in
his tactics. She had been too careless.

Meanwhile, Mahina brought the basket to
the laundry room, opened the door of the washer, then noticed someone was there when she was thro
wing the clothes in. “Who‘s there?”

Waylon leaned against the wall with his arms crossed. “You‘re very alert.”

Mahina subtly covered the pants that had blood in them
with other clothes. “Mr. Goldmann, what brings you to the laundry room?”

He placed his jacket into the laundry basket. “To do my laundry.” Mahina still had her guard up. “I can
help you with that.” He looked at the clothes she was holding. “Are those Cameron‘s?”

She nodded. “Yes.”

He smiled. “Don‘t the helpers usually wash his clothes? Why are you doing that instead?”

A shiver ran down Mahina‘s spine after she heard that. She knew that
Waylon wasn’t a simple person, but she didn‘t know why he would be suspicious about this. Mahina re
plied, “He doesn‘t like other people touching his clothes.” “He has his guard up even with the helpers?”
“I‘m not sure about that.”

Mahina was very calm throughout the conversation.

Waylon squinted because he couldn‘t find any
changes in her expression. She must be a strong person, which should be why Cameron trusted her.

He turned around, then stopped to look at her. “By the way, I‘ve looked into Ms. Torres.”

Mahina‘s grip on the basket tightened.

Waylon saw that but pretended that he didn‘t. “I couldn’t find any information on her. Is

Torres not a real name?”

Right when Mahina was starting to panic, Daisie showed up.


Mahina saw her as a savior for showing up when she did.

Waylon frowned and turned to look at his sister, who interrupted him. He rubbed his nose and said, “Wh

Daisie smiled. “To see you. Mahina is here too?”

He looked at her. “Obviously.”

“Let‘s not stop her from doing her chores. Her pay might get docked for that,” Daisie said while dragging

The person that she had to be most careful around should be Waylon.

They walked into the courtyard, but Daisie was still thinking about how she could get out of this. Waylon

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