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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 2094

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Chapter 2094 Joaqin laughed at himself. “After all this time, it‘s the ones that are closest to me that betr
ay me.”

“Florence joined Fabio after taking over The Serpents.”

That stunned Joaqin.

After a long pause, he asked with regret, “Don‘t you hate me?”

Sunny slowly said, “Your brother and I were like brothers. When he passed away, he asked me to take
care of you and The Serpents, and I promised him I would. When I learned that you wanted to join Fabi
o, I was disappointed on behalf of your father.”

Joaqin pressed his lips together and didn‘t have the courage to look into his
eyes. The Southern Clan had done all they could to treat The Serpents well, but Joaqin wasn‘t content
and started second–guessing when Fabio approached him.

But the person who almost killed him was his own subordinate, and the person who saved him was his

Sunny slowly stood up. “But you didn‘t choose to betray me immediately, which meant you didn‘t want
The Serpents to have to go through
that. I don‘t blame you for making bad decisions. Take care of yourself.”

“But Florence…” Joaqin didn‘t finish his sentence.

Sunny stopped in his tracks and turned to
look at him. “If your daughter was smart enough, she wouldn‘t have made that decision. You‘ve spoiled

Daisie came back from the
martial arts center and saw Cameron feeding her pet lizard minced meat. She scratched her cheek and
didn‘t know why she felt ‘guilty‘ when facing Cameron.

She smiled. “That lizard is quite cute.”

Cameron looked at her. “Do you want to touch it?” Daisie‘s smile froze. “No, there‘s no need for that.” Ca
to say something?‘ She looked uneasy while she looked around. “I‘m trending with you.
Am I causing problems?” “That‘s your concern?” Cameron smiled. “I thought it had been taken down? A

Daisie started sweating because she didn‘t know how to answer.

“Daisie.” Waylon showed up at
that moment. Daisie was just like Mahina from the other day. “… I‘m going to take a
shower.” Cameron figured
that something was wrong when she saw Daisie scurrying away. She looked at Waylon, walking over, an

Waylon smiled. “So, is Ms. Torres going to take me out or Mr. Southern?”

Cameron was rendered speechless. Waylon was smart enough to find out about her identity but didn‘t e

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