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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 2096

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Chapter 2096 Cameron wiped the corner of her lips with a handkerchief. “Alright, dad. I‘ll go get the thin
gs done.” She rose to her feet, and Sunny called her. “Let Wayne go with you.”

Cameron was stunned.

Several black cars
slowly came to a stop in front of the entrance to the Southern Chamber of Commerce. Cameron dusted
her suit and gazed at Waylon. She still couldn‘t fathom why her father wanted her to bring along Waylo

It was a mess in the Southern Chamber of Commerce as everyone was fighting someone inside.

Manuel was sitting on the couch while sipping on a glass of wine. This was
the first time he tasted the sweetness and benefits of power. He was obsessed with it as it slowly ate a
way his conscience.

“Stop now, all of you.”

Cameron and her men stepped into the building. Everyone came to a stop as they all turned their head
s to look at Cameron.

She glanced at Manuel and smirked coldly. “Well, people always say that fine feathers make fine birds.
I didn‘t understand the phrase in the past, but I think I understand it now after seeing you.

“Is Florence finally willing to give you a pay raise?”

Manuel was stunned, and his gaze turned grim. “Are you here for a fight or to settle the problem? My s
ubordinate was killed in the Southern Chamber of Commerce. Don‘t you think you owe us an explanati
on?” “That‘s right! We demand an explanation!” His subordinates all shouted angrily. Waylon turned to l

ook at Cameron. She pulled a chair and sat down with her legs crossed. Raising her eyebrows, she sai
d, “Just because he died here, you think it‘s my people who killed him?”

“Who would‘ve killed him if you didn‘t kill him? We want justice for our brother!” That man continued agi

Cameron glanced at him coldly and said, “You want justice? Very well
then, where‘s the body? Show it to me? I want to see it.”

Someone brought out the dead body.

Cameron signaled someone
behind her, and that person nodded. He walked over to the dead body, but someone stopped him befor
e he could get near it. “What do you think you‘re doing?”

Cameron leaned forward slightly and rested her chin on her palm. “Of course, we want to

examine the body.” “Examine the body? Who do you think you are? A forensic expert? You just want to
destroy the dead body!” Cameron chuckled. “Do you have any evidence? Besides, are you sure that he
isn‘t a forensic


The man was stumped and looked toward Manuel anxiously.

Manuel rose to his feet, and his face sank. “You‘re full of craft and cunning, so I don‘t trust


“What do you think I can do when there‘re so many of you watching me? Or are you guys too ignorant
and stupid? Anyway, are you going to let us examine the body or not?” Apparently, Cameron‘s patience

Manuel gnashed his
teeth and let them examine the body. He did not believe that Cameron would be able to notice anything.

The man put on gloves and checked through the body meticulously. The rest of the people surrounded h

Waylon glanced at Cameron. She was leaning against the back of the chair slovenly. Her calm expressio

After he finished examining the body, he stood up and took off his gloves. “There are several stab wound
purple. According to my preliminary judgment, he died of mechanical asphyxia.”

Manuel let out a cold smirk. “This means that my subordinate fought and was strangled to death by your

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