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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 2097

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Chapter 2097 “That means he died in the wee hours of the morning.” Cameron lifted her eyelids and sc
anned at the staff members of the Southern Chamber of Commerce. Then, she asked, “Who was on du
ty last night?”

A few staff members turned to look at a skinny young man standing at the back. Sensing their gazes, th
e skinny young man said, “It‘s me, sir. B–But I really didn‘t see or hear any fight.”

The people from The Serpents shouted, “Of course, you would
say that. You guys must be helping your own people.” Cameron rose to her feet and replied, “Helping o
ur own people? Then why did you guys come to my place early in the morning? Do you not know that‘s
trespassing? So it‘s reasonable for my people to beat you guys up when they found you.

“Moreover, my subordinate said that he didn‘t see any signs of a fight, so why would the corpse appear
here out of nowhere? Could it be that he walked all the way to my place after he died?”

“Cameron, the body was found here. This is the evidence, and there‘s no way you can deny it,” Manuel
said, his voice filled with rage.

Cameron turned her head around and ordered, “Go get the security camera footage.”

The man behind her nodded and went to the surveillance room. Manuel let out a cold smirk as if he wa
s confident they couldn‘t get anything from the footage. Soon, the man returned and whispered into Ca
meron‘s ear. “Sir, a part of the footage from last night is gone.”

Cameron fell silent.

“So what now? Where is your footage? Is it gone? It seems like someone from your side is light –
fingered. They‘re afraid of getting exposed for what they‘ve done, so they destroyed the footage in adv
ance.” The fact that a part of the footage was gone meant the security camera must have captured som

ething on it. Only the people from the Southern Chamber of Commerce had access to the surveillance r

‘What a nice move.

Without the footage, they couldn‘t explain why the body would appear at their place anymore. Besides,
judging from the fact that The Serpents were so confident
that the man was killed there, it meant that they came prepared and were certain that Cameron wouldn‘
t be able to prove the Southern Chamber of Commerce‘s innocence
no matter what. Waylon suddenly turned to look at the skinny man and asked, “You‘re very sure that yo
u didn‘t hear any noise last night, right?” The skinny man nodded.

Waylon squinted and continued. “Were you the only one on duty last night?”

The skinny man trembled with
fear. “There will be people on duty every night. Other than me, there are another three security guards.”
Cameron asked someone to bring the security guards inside. After they were informed of what happen
ed last night, they all said they did not realize anything. Manuel harrumphed
and said, “Mr. Southern, it seems like all of your men aren’t going to admit it. It‘s a fact that one of my b
rothers was killed here, so how about this? If you‘re willing to hand The Commune and The Sexta to us
, we‘ll forget everything that happened today.”

Cameron‘s gaze turned sharp. “I don‘t know from where you got the courage to say such a thing to me.

The Commune
and The Sexta were areas governed by the Southern Clan. The Commune managed the dock and the f
erry area, while The Sexta was the center of the Southern Chamber of Commerce. Regardless of whic
h area it was, they were inseparable territories of the Southern Clan.

It seemed to Cameron that it must be Fabio who asked them to request something like that, and it was
only now that she realized why it was Manuel who came today instead of Florence.

Florence was too incompetent, and Fabio should be worried that she might spoil his plans. Therefore, he
care of The Serpents.

Manuel dusted his suit and continued. “If you refuse to accept the suggestion, then there‘s nothing
I can do about it. It‘s just that I wonder what other people will think when they learn that the
Southern Clan has killed someone today.”

His voice was filled with threat.

Cameron let out a grim smile and said emotionlessly, “Mahina.”

Mahina came forward. “Your order, sir?”

“Lock up all the people on duty last night, and by whatever means, find a
way to pry them open within the day.”

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