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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 2099

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Chapter 2099 Cameron crossed her arms in front of her chest and snorted lightly, “The person
will only stay in
the dark if we don‘t give him a little push. He‘s just somebody‘s lapdog, yet he has the guts to frame the
Southern Clan and demand The Commune and The Sexta from us. If it weren‘t for the person behind
him, do you think he could get to where he is today?” If Manuel had killed Joaqin just to help Florence t
o become the leader of The Serpents, he wouldn‘t have been their lapdog for so many years. So why w
ould he want to take over The Serpents from Florence? Besides, was it possible for a man to disobey t
he person he served after getting the power he wanted through unknown means? Waylon chuckled an
d said, “Maybe he‘s someone who‘s very good at hiding his own ambition?”

Cameron poked his chest with her finger and continued. “No matter how ambitious a person is, he‘s still
a baby in arms if he doesn‘t have the guts. Besides, he‘s a man who would rather betray Joaqin than F
lorence. What do you think is the reason he started craving power?”

Waylon lowered his head to look at her finger and lifted his eyebrows. “Mr. Southern, I guess it‘s about t
ime for you to change your habit of touching another person.”

“What‘s the matter? Could it be that your body is too precious for me to touch?”

Cameron did not know why Waylon would have such a big reaction. All she did was just
poke him with her finger.

She retracted her finger and sat on the couch. “Anyway, I‘m sure Florence is the reason Manuel wants t
o take over The Serpents.”

She picked up the teapot and continued. “Men are all the same. Once they have the
power, they can get everything they need. Since someone is willing to give Manuel a chance, it goes wi
thout saying that he won‘t let such a good opportunity go to waste. “Even though
The Serpents are working for Fabio, the fact is that they don‘t have as much freedom as they had when

they were working for the Southern Clan. They have to listen to
Fabio‘s orders, and it entirely depends on Fabio who he wants to lead The Serpents.”

Waylon felt she was right.

Even though it seemed like The Serpents
were working with Fabio on equal ground, Fabio did not think so. What Fabio needed was not an allian
ce. What he needed was absolute obedience and submission.

The Skull Club was a big organization, yet they still had to take orders from Fabio, let alone a small org
anization like The Serpents.

This was also the reason Joaqin hesitated back then.

He was the leader of his own organization. However, if he
joined Fabio, the latter would become his leader, so Joaqin would have to take orders from him.

That was something he did not want to happen. Mahina came over.“Sir, I‘ve finished interrogating them.
” Cameron lifted the cup and took a sip. “That‘s fast. I thought it was going to take at least a


Mahina chuckled. “It was the security guard on duty last night. He refused to tell the truth until we were g

Honestly, Cameron had suspected that there was a “turncoat” amongst the four of them. After all, there w
Commerce without anyone knowing.

The only explanation was that the person was already dead before he was sent to their place.

After all, if that person
was really killed on their turf, the murderer would never leave his dead body behind.

Besides, she was also confident that they deleted the security camera footage to pin the blame
on the Southern Clan more easily. After all,
without the footage, the Southern Clan would not be able to prove their innocence.

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