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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 2101

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Chapter 2101 Daisie turned her head around and walked toward Sunny. “He‘s gone out
with Cameron since early in the morning. I wonder if the matter has been resolved.”

Sunny sat on the rocking chair, picked up a palm fan, and fanned himself with it. “Don‘t worry. There is
nothing that Cam can‘t solve. Not to mention that your brother is there with her. She‘ll be fine.”

Daisie dragged a tiny stool along and sat down beside him. “That‘s not the mindset that you should hav
e. Even if Cameron is very strong, you can‘t always feel so at ease with her. After all, she‘s still a lady, s
o no matter how capable she is, you still need to worry about her.”

He was startled and stared at Daisie. However, he was at a loss for words for a while.

He had been raising Cameron like a son all these years. Cameron had always lived up to his expectati
ons and could handle many things independently, so he tended to sometimes forget that she was his d

his perspective, there was nothing that she could not accomplish. Even if she were to cause trouble in
society, she had always been able to settle
the matter by herself without needing him to take any action.

He was really ashamed to have to be reminded by Daisie of the fact.

But when he was being taught a lesson face to face by a young girl, Sunny felt embarrassed, so he cle
ared his throat. “Are you blaming me for not caring for my daughter?”

She lowered her head. “You‘re the one who said it yourself. I didn‘t say that.”

Sunny‘s eyes widened. He did not expect Daisie to act so unorthodoxly. However, he fanned himself an
d did not lose his head. “Forget it. I‘ll admit that it‘s all my fault. I‘m not someone who would argue with

a young girl.”

Immediately after saying that, Sunny looked around the courtyard and asked, “Is your brother married?”

Daisie did not think much about it and replied almost subconsciously, “Of course not. Waylon is still sin
gle and on the market.”

Sunny nodded, pretending to be surprised. “Your brother is a fine man. Is it even normal for him not to
have a girlfriend?”

‘After all, he‘s the eldest son of the Goldmanns. Not to mention his outstandingly handsome appearanc
e and his tremendous capability. Men like this are popular no matter where they go.

‘Thinking back to when I hadn‘t lost my hair nor grown fat, I was
a charming and suave man too. And because of that, I had been together with several women before I
met Cameron‘s mother.

‘It‘s absolutely normal for a man to get together with several
women before marriage. However, after getting married and
forming a family, a man has to settle down and take on his responsibility in the
family. No matter how attractive the women who surround him are, it can never be compared to the war
mth that he can obtain from his wife at home.‘

Daisie thought about it for a while. “Maybe it‘s because Waylon is way too excellent, so a

woman worthy of him hasn‘t appeared yet?” “Oh?” Sunny raised his eyebrows. “Then what kind of woma
meticulously. “In addition to being gentle, considerate, and kind, the woman will also have to be better th

The corner of Sunny‘s mouth twitched. ‘Gentle, considerate, and kind, none of these words can be found

“How much better must the lady be then?”

“The lady has to at least be able
to handle Waylon. If she can‘t do so, Waylon will be the one who has all the say in their marriage. He‘ll p
as Nollace. No one can hide anything from him.”

Sunny returned to his senses. “Are you badmouthing and complaining about your brother?”

Daisie raised her gaze and smiled. “Although you have a good impression of Waylon, I don‘t want Came
them, but what if Cameron were to suffer great losses from being with Waylon
in the future? We‘ll be blamed for the rest of our lives.”

Sunny was astounded for a moment and then laughed out loud heartily ‘This young lady knows exactly w
up the teacup. “How about we place a bet on this matter?”

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