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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 2102

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Chapter 2102 Daisie blinked. “What do you want to bet on?” Sunny looked at her and explained, “We‘ll
bet on who out of the two of them will admit to taking a fancy to the other party first. I‘m placing all my b
ets on your brother. He‘ll be the one to admit his fall first. Whoever loses has to agree to one condition f
or the other party. How about this?”

Daisie agreed to the bet without hesitation.

As evening approached, Cameron ordered a
table of scrumptious dishes at Yuzu Villa and asked the waiter to open a bottle of Merlot. She also hired
a pianist to play some music in the private room to add to the fun.

Seeing that Waylon had not even taken a bite for quite some time, Cameron lifted her gaze.“ You‘ve be
en running around all day. Aren‘t you hungry?” He stared at the wine in his glass. “I‘m fine.”

She poured herself a glass of wine too. “How should
I put this? You‘ve done me a big favor today, so allow me to buy you a meal.” He lifted his gaze casuall
y and
let off a faint smile. “I‘ve been asked to run errands for you. If this meal isn‘t on you, do you expect me t
o pay for it myself?”

Cameron tutted. “Am I such a person to you? My old man asked you to tag along because he knew tha
t there was something that required your help. Besides, I only asked you to run an errand for me. I gue
ss someone as noble as you won‘t get into all the details with someone as petty as me.”

Waylon pinched the foot of the wine glass, shook it lightly, and smirked without saying a word.

He could see that Cameron had done so on purpose today. As for the reason, it was most likely becaus
e he had guessed her identity.

Cameron downed her glass first as a gesture of respect. She then realized that he not only did not eat
anything but also did not drink the wine and frowned. “Mr. Goldmann, are you afraid that I‘ve spiked the
wine or food in order to kill you?” ‘Is it necessary for him to be so vigilant of me?‘ His expression was u
nchanged. “You wouldn‘t do that. I‘m sure of that.” She picked up her silverware and grabbed herself a
piece of sparerib.

“But getting me drunk is another story. You might leave me on the street after I get drunk in order to get
revenge on me.” She froze for a split second. ‘In fact, it‘s true that I plan to get him drunk But I‘m not
planning to leave him on the street in order to make a fool of himself.

‘I would at most get him drunk, then leave him in some random woman‘s arms and take pictures of his
gaffe.‘ Since Waylon knew her identity, Cameron had been very wary of him. Although he was not an e
nemy, she still felt uncomfortable about the fact that he
knew about her real identity. ‘I‘ve always been the one who possesses the goods on somebody else. N
o one has ever managed to reverse the situation. ‘I didn‘t watch out for Daisie because she‘s pure and
simple, but Wayne is different, especially someone as scheming and inscrutable as him.

‘So if he were to threaten me with my real identity, at least I would have these photos in my possession
to fight back, wouldn‘t I? She chuckled and put her silverware down. “Mr. Goldmann, do you really think
of me as someone so evil?”

Waylon stared at her, and his gaze looked profound and unfathomable. “The fact that I know

about your true identity makes you anxious and watchful of me. Will you let me off without doing
anything beforehand?” Cameron summoned the waiter and asked him to remove the wine. “Then let‘s j
ust eat and not drink. This would be fine now, wouldn‘t it?”

Waylon smirked and did not even utter a single word.

Cameron noticed that
Waylon basically did not touch any of the spicy dishes during the meal, so she raised her eyebrows. “Do

He responded with a faint hum, “I prefer lighter flavors.”

“That‘s a pity.” She tutted. “Yuzu Villa is famous for its Korean–
American fusion cuisine. If you don‘t eat spicy food, doesn‘t that mean that you won‘t be able to enjoy a

Waylon moved slowly. “It‘s no big deal, as long as the food can fill me up.”

The corners of Cameron‘s lips twitched. ‘What a boring man. I really don’t understand what
makes my father like him so much. I‘m his biological daughter, but Wayne feels more like his son than I

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