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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 2125

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Chapter 2125 Sunny nodded. “That‘s fine. What about Mateo?”

Mahina replied. “I‘ve informed Mateo. He‘s loyal to Joaqin, so he won‘t ignore anything that involves hi

Sunny raised his brows. “What about Cam?”

Mahina hesitated, but it was best not to hide it. “She… went to see Mr. Puzo.”

Meanwhile, when Fabio heard that Cameron tried to meet him, he squinted. Before he could reply, som
eone next to
him sounded very careful. “Mr. Southern is as cunning as his old man. He probably wants to meet you t
o talk about The Serpents.”

They had caught wind that Joaqin was still alive, but they didn‘t care whether Manuel was the one who
tried to kill him.

Now that The Serpents were under them, The Southern Clan would have to meet them to talk about thi

Fabio took a drag of his cigarette. After a long pause, he crushed the bud in the ashtray.” Where is he?”

“He‘s at Parkin.”

Cameron sat in the main hall of the Parkin
Chamber of Commerce. Everyone there had their guards up and stood in two rows.

When Fabio walked in, Buchanon immediately walked toward him. “Mr. Puzo, he suddenly came in with
his men. We—”

Fabio raised his hand to cut him off and asked them to leave them.

Cameron picked up his teacup and watched while Fabio walked over. Fabio sat down on the couch acr
oss from her and asked, “How‘s Sunny?” Cameron smiled. “Thanks for your concern. He‘s healthy.”

Fabio said, “I heard that he was injured recently. I‘m glad he‘s fine.”

She looked around. “You seem to care a lot about my father.” He smiled and said, “He‘s the leader of T
he Southern Clan. Of course I have to pay attention.”

One of the men brought a kettle over. Fabio picked up his teacup and slowly took a sip. “I wonder why
you‘re here.”

She went straight to the
point. “I‘m sure you‘ve heard Joaqin Serrano is still alive.” Fabio smirked and continued to drink the tea.

Cameron knew if he really was happy.

It was a fact that The Serpents were now part of his gang. Even if Joaqin,wanted to return to

The Serpents, it would depend on his approval.

Fabio wasn‘t going to let the gang go easily. He hadn‘t done anything yet so far but knew a lot about wh

Cameron placed down her teacup and looked calm. “Don‘t you worry. Now that The Serpents are part of
our effort on a disloyal dog.” Fabio frowned and raised his brows at her but didn‘t say anything. She lean
aware of what Cameron meant.

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