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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 2128

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Chapter 2128 Daisie turned her head away. “I don‘t believe you.” Nollace chuckled deeply and grabbed
her into his arms. Before she could do anything, his warm and wet lips claimed hers. Daisie placed her
hands on his shoulders, trying to push him away but to no avail. They kissed for a long while, and he o
nly released her after she nearly suffocated. Daisie pushed him away in anger. “Nollace!” He fell onto th
e couch, bringing Daisie along with him. He chuckled and coiled his arms around her
waist to secure her tightly in his embrace. “I promise you. This will be the last time.”

Daisie looked
fixedly at his face. There was a serious expression sitting on his face as she said, “If you lie to me agai
n, I‘ll find another husband.”

Even though she tried to make herself look angry, he felt she was adorable.
He couldn‘t help himself and grabbed her into
his arms. As he chuckled, he said, “Do you need me to introduce someone to you?” She raised her eye
brows and asked, “Really? Remember to introduce a few more to me so
that I can pick the best one from them.” Nollace pinched her cheek. “Are you serious?” Daisie pushed h
is hand away and turned her head sideways.

He sat up and secured her in his arms. “Can you stay and keep me company?”

Something flickered across her eyes as she smiled beamingly. “You want me to stay?”

Daisie sat on top of him and leaned forward. She slid her hand into his shirt in a flirtatious manner, and
Nollace shuddered. He grabbed her hand, and a hint of desire rose from his eyes.” Stop it.”

She ignored him and landed a kiss on his Adam‘s apple.

Something inside of him snapped, and he lifted her onto
his body, holding the back of her head and pressing his lips over hers. Daisie pushed him onto the couc

h and ripped off his belt. Nollace chuckled and said, “What are you
—” Before he could finish his sentence, Daisie retreated with his belt in
his hand. It was only now that he realized what Daisie was trying to do. He stretched his arm forward, tr
ying to catch her, but to no avail. She took a few quick steps back and hopped to the
door. Turning her head around, she giggled at him
and said, “Hmph! This is what you get for making me angry. Come and get me if you
can!” Nollace was rendered speechless as he watched Daisie run away with his belt. He placed his
face in his hand and took a deep breath. He was caught between laughter and

tears. It seemed to him that Daisie had become a lot smarter behind his back.

Meanwhile, at the Southwest District Clubhouse…

Fabio was lying on the bed with his eyes closed. He was not wearing any clothes, and there was only a
bath towel wrapped around his waist. A female masseur rubbed some essential oil on his back and be
gan massaging.

Gail lifted the curtain and walked into the private room. “Mr. Puzo.”

Fabio did not open his eyes as he replied, “What have you found?”

Gail lifted her eyelids and replied, “It‘s true that Manuel has been contacting someone behind your back

When Fabio heard what she said, he opened his eyes and turned to look at her. “Who is it?”

Gail replied emotionlessly, “It‘s someone called Donald.”

Fabio suddenly sat right up, and the woman behind him
had no other choice but to retreat to the side. His expression was dark as he asked, “Donald?”

He seemed to have heard the name before. He thought for a while and remembered that Donald was th

“Moreover, I heard that the Southern Clan has confirmed that Manuel made the money transfers in the a

“As for whether or not Manuel gave the money to Donald, we just need to find out if Manuel can spit
out the money. This way, we can also find out whether he‘s working with Donald in secret or not.”

Fabio let out a chuckle, and a glint crossed his eyes. “Go get Manuel for me.”

Meanwhile, when Manuel heard that Fabio was looking for him, he thought that Fabio had finally noticed

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