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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 2169

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Chapter 2169

All morning, Cameron stayed in the martial arts center for training. She had been unable to stretch her
body and put her skills to the test for a long time, so she grabbed almost everyone into the
arena. They then started a deathmatch, with Cameron going against everyone else alone.

After several rounds, the members of the Southern Clan all lost.

Someone rubbed
his sore arm as he staggered out of the ring. “Has the young master been in a bad mood these past tw
o days? Look at how he fights. He was so ruthless. I thought I was going to die in there.”

Another man patted him on the shoulder and smiled. “Alright, stop complaining. Let‘s take it as an oppo
rtunity for us to improve ourselves.”

Cameron stood in the ring with her arms akimbo
and asked, “Is any one of you still capable of going for another round?”

Some of the people standing under the arena waved their hands, and some shook their heads as all of
them retreated from the ring one after another. She sighed and got out of the arena.” Boring.”

Waylon had his arms crossed and leaned against a tree not far away from
the martial arts center. The sunlight that shone through the gaps of the leaves lit up half of his face, hig
hlighting his profound facial features and making the outline of his face softer.

Cameron pulled down her sleeves, and her footsteps stopped abruptly when she saw Waylon. She the
n took a deep breath and walked up to him. “Why aren‘t you keeping an eye on Donald and his men?
What are you doing here?”

He smirked. “Mr. Southern, you seem to be deliberately avoiding me these two days.”

She choked on her own words and explained immediately, “Why would I avoid you? I‘ve done nothing
wrong and have always been a righteous person in and out.”

“Oh really?” Waylon caught a glimpse of her flushed ears and brushed off the dust on her shoulders. “It
seems that you‘re not too competent when it comes to telling lies.”

Cameron subconsciously avoided his sight. “I‘m not…”

Waylon chuckled. “I‘ll take it as the truth then.”

The person not far away looked toward the two of them.

The two figures standing under the tree inexplicably make quite a good match. What‘s the matter with t

Cameron and Waylon had just arrived in the courtyard when they found out that there was a commotio
n outside the courtyard, and two groups of men were yelling at each other. Sunny stood at the entrance
of the main hall with a cane, and the group of men in black was led here by Andrei.

Cameron‘s expression dimmed instantly, and she quickly walked out of the crowd.
“Andrei Daskalov, who gave you the balls to bring these men to the Southern Clan‘s territory and make
a fuss?”

Andrei sneered. “Mr. Southern, you made a fool out of me in the casino the other day. So why can‘t I
bring someone to your place to ask for an explanation? What‘s more, Mr. Southern Sr. has kept a secre
t from the people of the East Islands for so many years. Wouldn‘t it be interesting if I were to expose it
here today?” Cameron was astonished as she seemed to have noticed something.

Sunny frowned and did not utter a single word.

Andrei looked at everyone present and said, “It‘s rumored that Mr. Southern Sr. has only
one son, and that‘s the infamous Cameron. However, unfortunately, the identity of his son is fake. After a
thought that Mr. Southern Sr. would raise his daughter as if she‘s a son?”

Everyone in the courtyard was surprised as they stared at Cameron. “Mr. Southern Sr. raised his daught
oh, pardon me, I should address you as Ms. Southern
now.” Andrei glanced at Cameron smugly. “I really didn‘t expect the Southerns to hide such a big secret

After saying that, Andrei glanced at Sunny again. “Mr. Southern Sr., you‘re about to retire soon, aren‘t yo

Sunny snorted. “Mr. Daskalov, this is the Southern Clan‘s affair. You really don‘t have to worry about us.”

Andrei‘s expression turned embarrassed. “Anyway, the Southern Clan can‘t go very far after today, so w
—” “You can make it public at any time if you want to do so.”

He hesitated. “What?”

Sunny burst into laughter. “Even if you don‘t make it public today, I‘d announce it
sooner or later too. Do you think I‘ve been raising Cam as a son just because I‘m afraid that the Souther
this secret?”

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