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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 2172

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Chapter 2172 Without Nollace, The Southern Clan might not be able to win this battle against Donald b
ecause even if they could sway Fabio, they wouldn‘t be able to do that to Donald. Nollace understood h
im better than anyone else. Even if Fabio lost everything and Donald got the upper hand, Nollace woul
d be able to attack while Donald was unprepared.

A few days later, the Parkin warehouse was engulfed in flames. The previously glamorous Chamber of
Commerce was only a pile of ash when the firefighters put out the fire. It was lucky that no one was hur
t. When Fabio caught wind of it, he flew into a rage. “Why would
fire randomly start there? Where‘s Gail? Tell her to come to see me!”

The others hung their
heads low and didn‘t speak. One of the men carefully answered, “Ms. Leroy is… Missing.”

Fabio grabbed him by the collar. “What do you mean?” The man shook and said, “Ms. Leroy suddenly
disappeared, and none of us can get a hold of her.”

“Bad news!”

A bodyguard rushed into the study, out of breath. “The working capital of the Chamber of Commerce ha
s been frozen. All the files and agreements signed with other businesses have all been deleted too!”

Fabio was utterly stunned.

The business agreements were signed with outrageous
terms because he wanted high returns. He took 90% of the shared profit, but the businesses would onl
get 10%. The agreements would last for 10 years, and the other parties wouldn‘t be able to breach their
agreements without probable cause.

Once the businesses found out what happened, they would be able to void the contracts. Even if they
changed anything on it, Parkin wouldn‘t be able to prove otherwise.

That fire burned all the agreements
and even the funds had been frozen. It was a huge loss. Since Parkin was where all the cash flow of th
e southwest district went, doing anything to Parkin would mean an attack on him.

Fabio stumbled backward. “How… How could this happen…” “Are you trying to figure out who betrayed
you?” Donald walked into the study with his men but was blocked by a few men. Donald wasn‘t afraid
of them and still had a smile on his face. Fabio‘s face turned dark. “It was you?” “You‘re wrongly accusi
ng me.” His smile widened. “Not only that, but you even wrongly accused Mr. Gibson.”

Fabio‘s chest started hurting, and he didn‘t speak

Donald still looked calm. “I can understand that you‘re not really good at reading people. I‘m sure you do
Metropolis either, right?”

Fabio was astonished. “What!?”

“Gail, the girl who was working for you, wasn‘t the Gail that Huntley sent to help you. She was replaced.
the brink of breaking down. The truth hit him like a hurricane and drowned him, making him feel frustrate
was arrogant and thought that he was better than anyone just to end up being played by this man.

Donald enjoyed watching his expressions change. “I‘m guessing you won‘t be able to overcome this hug

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