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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 2181

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Chapter 2181 Donald turned to look at him. “Isn‘t there someone shadowing Fabio?” Chunky lowered h
is head. “I don‘t know if Fabio has found out about our plan. All the people that we‘ve sent to keep an e
ye on him have all gone off the radar.” Donald closed his eyes, and his facial
expression stiffened. “He‘s fallen so far and gotten so dumb that he plans to work with the Southern Cla

He then opened his eyes and looked at
Chunky. “Since Fabio has chosen not to comply, then there‘s no need for us to keep him alive. Getting r
id of him is the only way for me to completely take over his faction.”

Chunky responded, “Then I‘ll get someone to make it happen now.”

Cameron came to The Commune at noon, and the people in The Commune were
stunned when they saw her in women‘s clothes. After all, it was their
first time seeing Cameron in women‘s clothes. “Mr, Ms. Southern.”

Everyone still had not gotten accustomed to this sudden change in her appellation.

Cameron cleared her throat. “You can call me whatever title that you‘re used to calling. There‘s nothing
to worry about.”

Everyone scratched their heads and chuckled awkwardly. Daisie came out of the inside. “Cameron?”

She trotted to Cameron, grabbed her hand, and seemed to be very happy to see her. “Why are you her

“Of course, I‘ve come to find you. Let‘s go inside first.” Cameron brought Daisie back into the building

Back in the building, Daisie personally ground some beans, brewed her a cup of coffee, walked to the c
ouch with the coffee, and

sat down. “I worry that you don‘t like it to be too bitter, so I added some sugar for you.” “I can do either.
It doesn‘t matter to me.” Cameron picked up the cup and took a sip from it.” Your coffee brewing skills a
re pretty good.” Daisie supported her chin with her palms and stared at her with a faint smile. “Waylon
makes great coffee too. Besides cooking, he‘s also good at making snacks and desserts. You name it.”
Cameron was startled and squinted slightly. “Why
are you telling me this?” Daisie chuckled as an indescribable emotion rippled in her eyes. “You and Wa
ylon are both friends. I
only want you to know more about him.” ‘Friends…‘ Cameron lowered her gaze. “Why does it feel so st
range coming from Daisie?‘ She then remembered something and put down the cup. “Wayne‘s clothes
are all custom made by the same brand, aren‘t they?”

Daisie nodded.

“Great, can you help me contact the tailor and order
a shirt for him? I‘ll pay for it.” Daisie was stunned for a moment, and her eyes lit up. “Cameron, do you
want to give Waviona new shirt as a gift?” ‘Oh my God, did I hear it right!?‘

Cameron‘s expression looked earnest. “I tore one of his shirts, so it‘s only normal for me
to compensate him with a new one. Is there something wrong?”

Daisie‘s grin became slightly more reserved, and she looked slightly disappointed. “Oh, is that


Cameron frowned. “Are you rejecting me?”

Daisie waved her hand hurriedly. “No,
I‘ll definitely help you out. Don‘t worry, I‘ll help you contact the tailor. I‘m a pro when it comes to such tas

Cameron nodded. “Cool, tell me how much it costs after it‘s done. I‘ll transfer the payment to you. I won‘

A black car was driving down Seaside Street and was about to go to the southwest district. A bullet shot

A van was parked not far away on the roadside, and a few men wearing masks, and body armor got out

Fabio took a gun out from under the front seat‘s cushion and climbed out of the car. He
hid behind the car and shot
ruthlessly at the approaching people. One of the bullets hit someone‘s leg, and
the men in black started shooting at the rear of the car.

Fabio ran out of bullets, pulled the safety catch of another gun, and when he tried to fire again, it was an
shot. The two shots that followed were blank as well!

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