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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 2189

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Chapter 2189 Cameron rubbed her temples and did not dare to look directly at him. “Okay, I
take back what I just said, alright? I‘ll even apologize to you.” Waylon stared at her. “This apology isn‘t s
incere enough.”

She looked up. “Then what do you want?”

He gave off a half–
smile. “You claimed overtly in front of the maids that I‘m a promiscuous person. That will surely slander
my reputation, so don‘t you need to be held accountable?”

Cameron was completely astonished. Quincy, who was hiding behind the wall, was completely gobsma
cked. He rubbed his eyes. ‘Is that the eldest son of the Goldmanns that I‘ve known for years? He‘s actu
ally making a fool out of the young lady.‘ As for Sunny, he was on cloud nine at the moment. He did
not expect this young man to be even more flirtatious than he himself was back when he was significan
tly younger.

Cameron was about to say something when she heard rustling movements. She turned her head and i
mmediately realized that Sunny and Quincy were eavesdropping. The two people behind the wall were
shocked when she detected them and hid immediately.

Cameron was suspicious.

‘What are they doing sneaking around?’

No one knew when Waylon came even closer to her, and his voice was only inches away from her ear.
“You haven‘t answered my question.”

Cameron turned her head, and the first thing that caught her eyes was a face that was so close that it a
lmost went out of focus. She gasped, stopped breathing, and took a step back subconsciously. “Don‘t g

et so close to me all of a sudden. As for this matter… We‘ll talk about it when I have an idea of what I c
an do.”

She then left in a hurry.

Waylon looked at the figure that was leaving the scene as if she was running for her life, and a slightly
smug curve appeared on the corners of his lips as he could not help but be amused. On the other end
of the courtyard, Sunny could not help but sigh. “That girl is really clueless.” ‘Can‘t you see that he‘s ob
viously teasing you?‘ Quincy wondered. “Who is that young lady?” Sunny responded, “She‘s my daught
er.” Quincy was surprised. ‘That young lady is actually the legendary Young Mr. Southern? Why does s
he feel so different from the rumors?‘

Thinking of what Waylon did just now, he pondered.

‘I‘ve never seen Waylon act like that before. Does this Ms. Southern
have such great charm? After all, with Waylon‘s appearance and background, he should‘ve been extre
mely popular among the ladies back when he was in Stoslo and Bassburgh, but he‘s the one who‘s acti
vely flirting with another lady now? And
that‘s not the issue here. It seems that the lady is disgusted by him because he‘s too good –looking

“This is just outrageous.‘ Waylon came over. “Uncle Quincy.” Quincy returned to his senses, but he did n
chuckled. “Teasing her is just an interesting thing to do.” Quincy felt doubtful. ‘You call this teasing her? T
on flirt!‘ Quincy sounded helpless. “Mr. Goldmann, I‘d advise you not to tease her too much. Just in case
he admitting that he has a thing for her? ‘Are all the heirs of the Goldmanns so exceptionally different wh

Two days later, Cameron came to The Commune, and Daisie handed her the shirt that had been deliver

Cameron took the shirt out of the gift box. The fabric was indeed the same as the shirts that Waylon had
end and felt smooth, silky, and comfortable.

She was surprised. “It‘s done already? That‘s fast?”

Daisie smiled. “It‘s just a shirt. It‘s not as troublesome as a suit. If there aren‘t too many orders, it usually
clothes are custom made in that shop. So, they own templates that are tailored specifically for him. That

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