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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 2190

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Chapter 2190 It meant that the shop already had
a specific template and fabric reserved for Waylon. All his measurements and sizes were fixed, so all th
e tailor needed to do was only to cut the fabric and go straight into production.

Cameron put the shirt back in the gift box. “Why didn‘t you tell me that sooner? I actually
had to take all his measurements for this shirt.”

However, it turned out that all his measurements were already recorded in the shop‘s system, and ther
e was no need for her to provide his measurements to the shop at all.

Daisie chuckled. “I didn‘t expect you to be so attentive over a shirt.”

“It‘s compensation from me to him, after all.” She closed the lid
of the gift box, inserted it in the gift bag, and got up. “Okay, then I‘ll go home first.”

Daisie escorted Cameron to the door and watched as she drove away. She was about to close the
door when she suddenly saw two cars
parked on the opposite side of the road turn around and drive in the same direction
as Cameron did shortly after she had left.

Daisie frowned.

‘Those cars left in the same direction as Cameron. Could they be tailing her?‘

Cameron was driving her car toward the Southern manor as she turned to the side and stared at the gif
t bag on the front passenger seat.

‘I could‘ve gotten Daisie to pass it to Wayne on my behalf, so why did I go to her to pick it up in person?
I‘ll have to face Wayne again because of this.

Speaking of which, Wayne acted strangely around me two days ago. Is it just me, or has he changed hi
s attitude toward me? ‘Is it because of the things he said that make his actions from that day slightly ine

Just when she got distracted for a split second, the two cars overtook her and stopped in front of her. S
he returned to her senses instantly, slammed on the brake, and the car rammed into the rear of the car
in front of her.

The trunk of the car in front got dented.

The two cars stopped. Cameron clicked her tongue, unbuckled her seat belt, and got out of the car.

She walked up to the car and knocked on its window.

When the other party lowered the car window halfway, Cameron propped her hand against the door. “B
ro, where did you get that driver’s license of yours? Don‘t you know how to use the signal light when yo
u want to change lanes? Are you trying to frame me for causing this accident?” The driver gave off a s
mile and apologized, “I’m sorry, Ms. Southern. I was in a hurry and forgot about it.”

Cameron squinted. “Do I know you?”

She took a closer look at the man in the car. It was an unfamiliar face
that she had never seen on the Southern Clan‘s territory, and there seemed to be someone in the
back seat. Normally, when such an incident took place, the driver or the passengers in the car would ge
t out of the car to take a
look at the severity of the situation. Although the driver had been apologizing with a wide grin, it seeme
d rather contrived, and Cameron managed to notice it.

Just as she noticed that something smelled fishy with these men, the person in the back seat got out of
the car, and another four men got out of the other car.

Cameron burst into laughter all of a sudden. “Oh? It turns out that I‘ve been marked a target by someon

The two men who got out of the car rolled up their sleeves. “Although you‘re a woman, I heard that you‘
re a pro when it comes to kicking *sses. We really want to get a first–
hand experience out of this encounter of ours.”

Cameron scoffed, lifted her gaze, and glanced at them. “Are you guys it?”

The men were provoked by Cameron‘s words and started assaulting her. She instantly punched the ma

Another man tried to stab her from
behind with a dagger but missed by only an inch as the blade’s spine only scratched her cheek. In an in

Cameron grasped his wrist, intercepted his action, and instantly stabbed the man‘s eyes with her fingers

The other party wailed and rolled on the ground in
pain, covering his eyes all the time, while she turned and kicked him sideways, pushing him out of the w

Another man attacked from behind, and she reacted almost immediately. After dodging him, she made a

It did not take long for the four men to get forced into a corner, and there was no more room for them to

Just as Cameron was walking up to them, intending to give them one last round of physical lessons, the

Cameron was about to move when one of the men who got up from the ground suddenly took out a pep
spray and sprayed it in her eyes.

She failed to dodge the underhand retaliation, and the instant and intense pain and burning sensation b
longer move. She was then hit hard in the back and fell to the ground.

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