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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 2199

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Chapter 2199 Donald used the crowd as his shield from the gunfire. Chunky and two men dressed in bl
ack were shooting back while covering him to escape. When they arrived at their car, they hopped into i
t and started the engine. The group of police officers came out and fired at the car, but it was ineffective
. Seizing their chance, they drove the car away quickly and left the group of police officers behind.

The rain was getting heavier with each passing second while the car
sped through the rain. When the man dressed in black noticed that there was a blockade at the front, h
e hit the steering wheel and made a U–turn to leave through another road.

Gritting his teeth, Donald said, “D*mn it! I underestimated Fabio. We need to get out of the East Islands
right away!” He was certain that those international police officers were there for him. Since he had alr
eady been exposed, he couldn‘t stay in the East Islands anymore.

The heavy rain had obscured their vision. They couldn‘t see anything around them except for the road
ahead. Suddenly, he vaguely saw a truck coming straight for them.

Donald shouted, “Watch out–”

The collision pushed the car off the
road. The driver tried his best to regain control of the car but to no avail. He could do nothing but watch
as the car charged aimlessly into the forest beside the road and hit a tree.

The tree was snapped into two pieces and fell down. The windscreen shattered. The driver was injured
and fell unconscious.

Chunky, who
was sitting on the passenger side, kicked the door open. He covered the wound on his forehead with hi
s hand and walked toward the backseat in the rain.

“Sir, are you all right?”

Donald‘s head hit the door during the collision. He felt dizzy and could see nothing but stars in his visio
n. He got out of the car, and Chunky hurriedly went up to support him. “What
happened?” Chunky shook his head. “The rain is too heavy. We didn‘t see that truck coming at all.” The
man dressed in black in the car was injured as well. He got out of the car in an unsteady gait, and befo
re he could realize anything, someone knocked him out cold from the back with a spanner.

Chunky and Donald heard the commotion, so they turned their heads
around. There was a man dressed in a black raincoat behind them. He was wearing a mask, so they
couldn‘t see his face clearly. Chunky pulled his gun out, and the man reacted quickly by throwing his
spanner at him, knocking Chunky‘s gun out of his grip. The man then jumped over the trunk of the car a
nd kicked Chunky away.

Donald threw himself at him and started exchanging blows in the rain.

The man fought like the Southern Clan’s members. His attacks were both powerful and lethal, so Donal
d thought he was one of the Southerns.

After Chunky got back to his feet, he came forward and helped Donald to fight the man.

The rain was getting heavier, and all of them had difficulty breathing. The man intercepted a punch thro
wn at him by Chunky. Then, he retaliated by hitting Chunky’s neck with his elbow, sending him
tumbling over the car.

Donald pounced on him from the back and tried to strangle him with his arm. The man grasped at Dona
ld’s arm tightly and kicked the car door to perform a backflip. Donald lost his balance, and both of them
fell to the ground.

Chunky quickly picked up the spanner and attacked the man once again.

The spanner hit the man’s mask, and it fell to the ground.

When Donald saw his face, he snorted coldly. “I knew you were still alive, Nollace!”

As the rain trickled down Nollace’s face, he said, “Yes, I’m still alive. I’m sorry for letting you down.”

Donald took off his wet jacket. He was panting heavily as a
devilish grin crossed his face. “It seems like you are that Neal. You must be desperate since you’ve bee

After Donald finished speaking, he threw himself at Nollace again.

Nollace intercepted his attack, and Donald mocked, while both of them were exchanging blows, “What h
Southern Clan?”

Nollace pushed him away and took off his raincoat. He undid the button on his collar and replied, “What

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