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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 2204

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Chapter 2204 Cameron did not utter a single word.

Waylon curled her hair with his finger, fiddled with them, and said casually, “After all, maybe we won‘t s
ee each other ever again in the future.”

“All things come to an end.” Cameron turned to look at him.” That‘s life.”

He lifted his gaze and stared at her.

His gaze seemed to be fixed on her, and it felt aggressive. Her cheeks warmed up just by being
stared at, and she looked away.” It‘s useless for you to look at me with those eyes…”

She immediately added, “I won‘t pay you back for this meal.”

A hint of hilarity flashed across his eyes. “I don‘t need you to pay me back.”

She grabbed the water glass on the table. “I didn‘t plan to pay for it either.”

Waylon smiled and said nothing.

After eating, Waylon took her back to
the hospital and parked the car near a convenience store. After a few minutes, he returned to the car a
nd handed her a can of Coke.

Cameron wanted to grab it from him, but he retracted his hand abruptly.

Cameron missed the can and glared at him. “Are you trying to make a fool out of me?”

Waylon opened the can and handed it to her.

She hesitated for half a second before snatching it from him

Chapter 2704

hurriedly, fearing that he would not give it to her. She took
a sip and looked out the window. “If it weren‘t for the sake of the fact that you‘re leaving soon, I would h
ave surely kicked your *ss by


He could not help but laugh. “Why would you say so? Do you want a rematch after getting discharged f
rom the hospital?” She responded almost immediately, “Okay,
I don‘t accept the outcome of our previous match. I‘ll definitely not go easy on you this time around.”

Waylon stared at her. “What would you do if you were to lose?” “I won‘t lose, never.”

“Let‘s just say if you were to lose.”

Cameron gave it a good few seconds‘ worths of thought and said, ” If I were to lose, I‘d agree to a cond
ition of yours.”

He approached her, and his fingertips inadvertently touched the back of her hand. “Will any condition

She thought for another few more seconds. “Just don‘t go too far.”


seeing her solemn expression, her “too far” scale might not be the same as his. Thus, Waylon nodded i
n agreement. “Okay then.”

Two days later…

Cameron was discharged from the hospital.

Sunny specially ordered someone
to cook up a storm and prepare a sumptuous banquet to welcome her home
— he even set up a few tables in the courtyard. Besides Daisie and Nollace, Quincy and Saydie, even
Damian, Mateo, and the others were there.

Probably because everyone was gathered together, the Southern manor looked and felt extremely livel

Chapter 2204

After the food was served, Nollace
started peeling shrimp for Daisie while Quincy fetched Saydie all sorts of side dishes throughout the wh
ole meal. Cameron picked up the mashed potatoes on her plate
with a spoon and watched as the couples acted affectionately.

‘I’ve gotten full just by watching these people eat.‘

Sunny cleared his throat and asked Waylon, “When are you going back?”

Waylon answered with a smile, “We‘ll depart in two days.”

He sighed, “It‘s been almost half a year since
you people first arrived on this island. Now that it‘s time for you to leave, I can‘t help but feel a little hea

Daisie lifted her head. “Same here, but we’ll come back to visit you in the future.”

Sunny laughed out loud. “I‘ll take that as a promise and look forward to your next visit.”

After saying that, he leaned into Daisie‘s ear. “Don‘t forget our


Daisie was astonished for a moment, took a glimpse at Waylon and Cameron, and whispered to him,
“Is it still on?”

Sunny lowered his voice. “Of course, I still believe that Cam has the charm to win me the bet.”

Cameron squinted slightly.

‘Those two people are whispering to each other. Something smells fishy there.‘

As she was staring at the two exchanging words, she fumbled for her teacup that was on the dining tabl

At that moment, Waylon saw her actions. After noticing her

movements, he moved his teacup closer to her with his little finger.

Soon, she touched a teacup, picked it up, and drank from it.

It was not until she finished drinking the cup of tea that she felt that something did not feel right. She the
teacup was still on the table when she wanted to put down the teacup in her hand!

‘If the cup on the table is mine, then…

She turned her head slowly and realized that Waylon was staring at her, and his eyebrows were slightly

“The teacup in your hand is mine.’

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