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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 2221

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Chapter 2221

If there were generous patrons like him daily, he would be able to get three houses in an upscale place.

Cameron felt more relaxed after moving around. She suddenly heard
a scream from up top and a roller–
coaster passing over their heads. Her eyes shone as she tugged Waylon‘s hand. “That one?” Waylon r
aised his brows. “Are you sure?‘

She smiled. “Are you scared?” He squinted. “As long as you‘re not.” Cameron ran toward the roller–
coaster, and Waylon followed after.

They got into a car, and Cameron could see the surrounding areas and the people getting smaller and
smaller as it slowly started moving and climbing upward. Since it wasn‘t too quick, she was suspicious.
“Why is this going so slow? Isn‘t it supposed to be fast?”

The other guest turned back to look at her as if they were looking at a retard. Waylon
laughed. “Can‘t you just wait for a little while?” The roller–
coaster suddenly stopped, then Cameron frowned. “Is there a problem with the electricity?

The next moment, the far flew straight downward. It was so fast it felt as though they were falling and h
ad lost their balance. Cameron screamed in a high pitch, her heart almost stopping while she grabbed t
he person beside her tightly. Waylon‘s eardrums almost burst. They turned and went up and down–
everything happened in three minutes. After it stopped, Cameron was still stunned. It was so exhilaratin
g! Waylon turned to look at her messy hair and then down at her hand that was still grasping his arm. H
is shirt was wrinkled. He leaned in. “Can you let go now?” Cameron
snapped back and realized that she was holding him. She immediately let go and almost lost her balan
ce when she alighted. Waylon chuckled behind her and walked toward her to hold her. “I just wasn‘t rea
dy the first time. Let‘s

do it again!” Waylon thought about how she was not going to give up and went on another round with h

It was better the first time because the second time, after she got off, she rushed to the nearest bin and
threw up. Waylon got her a bottle of water and handed it to her while holding back his laughter.” Do yo
u want to go again?”

Cameron took the water bottle but didn‘t speak. That gave her motion sickness.

She gargled and then suddenly looked toward him. “Don‘t you feel dizzy?‘ Waylon shrugged. “I‘m very
healthy.” Cameron had nothing to say.

That was too much. Was there nothing that this man couldn‘t handle?

Her eyes fell on a signboard that showed an escape room. Her eyes turned evil after staring at it for a l
ong time.

After Cameron and Waylon looked at the rules for the “Ghost Bride” escape room, they entered. It was d
walked while holding onto her boyfriend the entire time.

Cameron turned around, looked at her, and whispered, “Such a coward.” Waylon suddenly held her han
smirked and moved her flashlight away. “Follow closely. I don‘t want you to go missing.” She turned her
“You‘re the one who‘s going to go missing.” They had to split up because of the rules.

Cameron and Waylon went into a creepy wedding room that was decorated with antiques. It was gloomy

Cameron was going to look around when a woman in a white gown and messy hair crawled out from un

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