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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 2234

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Chapter 2234

The phone kept ringing, so Jessie answered irritably, “I told you not to contact me ever again.”

“Jessie, I really miss you. Please just allow me to meet you. I promise I’ll divorce that woman and marry
you.” A hint of ruthlessness flashed across Jessie’s eyes. “I’ll let you meet me when you get divorced, f
or real. I don’t want to bear the infamy of being a homewrecker.”

Jessie hung up the phone, and her expression looked gloomy.

‘He wants to marry me? Just who does he think he is?

‘Pfft, I only fooled around
with him because he was willing to spend money on me, yet that b*stard actually took it seriously. How

‘Even if I want to get married, I’ll only marry into a wealthy family. And the most suitable candidate will b
e the second son of the Goldmanns. Even though he already has a fiancée, as long as he hasn’t gotten
married and the baby hasn’t been born, then I still have a chance.

‘I figured out their relationship during the last six months. Deedee is a barrier that exists between the bo
th of them, so it’d be best for me to start with that kid.

‘As long as I can make the woman leave and accompany

Coleman through the coming days when he feels devastated, I’ll come up with ways to make him acce
pt. me gradually.‘

At noon…

Colton went to the hospital to visit Freyja, but she was still sleeping. In the past few months of her preg
nancy, she had not put on too much weight but had been extremely lethargic and sleeping a lot.

He draped his windbreaker on the back of the chair, moved very lightly, sat on the edge of the bed care
fully, and stared at her.

He reached out, brushed the strands of hair off her cheek with his fingertips, and tucked them behind h
er ear.

However, her sleep was very shallow, so shallow that she woke up when he touched her.

Freyja opened her eyes and met his gaze. “You’ve come.”

Colton sat by the bed and glanced at her. “Yeah, I’ve come to see how you sleep like a pig.”

Freyja sat up slowly. “Who are you referring to that sleeps like a pig?”

He pointed to her bulging belly. “Him, he must be sleeping like a pig.”

Freyja was amused but suddenly hissed out of pain.

He became nervous instantly, “What’s the matter? Does

your stomach hurt?”

Freyja was surprised. “He kicked me.”

It was the first time that she clearly felt the baby moving so vigorously. It turned out that getting
to feel the tiny life form moving in her womb was such a miraculous thing.

Colton caressed her stomach, placed his ears against it, and listened carefully. “Really? Let me listen.”

Seemingly feeling it, Colton felt a little overwhelmed. “H -He really moved! Can he really hear me?”

Freyja lowered her gaze and smiled. “Are you dumb? He won’t know what you’re talking about even if h
e hears you.”

Colton lifted his head and frowned. “Who are you calling dumb?”

She replied, “You.”

He placed his palm on the back of her head and sealed her lips with a kiss. “I dare you to say it again.‘


Freyja propped her hands against his chest and turned her face away. “Don’t push your luck.”

Colton unbuttoned her first button with his mouth. ” Then I’ll show you what would happen if I were to pu

She held back and complained softly, “You won’t even

spare a pregnant woman.”

laughed. A thin layer of sweat perspired on his forehead and rolled down the bridge of his nose. “That’s y

Afterward, Colton tidied everything in the room for her. She was still infuriated about what happened ear

At least she was lively, not like a soulless puppet.

He lowered his head and kissed her. “I’ll bring Deedee back to your side when you get discharged from

Freyja was stunned, and her eyelashes twitched. “Why would you…”

Colton brushed the lock of hair hanging over her forehead. “She’s rejecting the treatments given to her,

Freyja pursed her lips. “Colton, do you really think it’s Deedee’s problem?”


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