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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 2240

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Chapter 2240” Colton put his coat on her shoulders. Freyja was stunned for a bit and looked up at him.

covered her in his coat. “The weather has changed a lot recently, and you‘re still wearing such thin clot
hing. Aren‘t you afraid of catching a cold?”

Freyja‘s gaze shifted away. “Ms. Blueman came here today.” He responded with a light hum. “I know.”

He stretched his arms
around her shoulders and went back to the master bedroom with her. The moment they entered throug
h the door, Freyja grabbed him by his arm. “Don‘t you have anything to ask me?”

Colton covered the back of her hand and turned to look at her.” Whenever you do something, you must
have your own reasons. Why would you think that I‘d question you about this?” Freyja lowered her gaz
e. “I‘m sorry.”

Colton took her into his arms. “Don‘t make yourself feel upset, and if you‘re upset about something, just
come at me.”

He had always kept the doctor‘s suggestion not to provoke her emotions too much, not to mention that
he did not care much about such a trivial matter where she wanted to run a test on Deedee‘s medicine
because of her doubts. She could run as many tests as she wanted to.

She leaned into his arms and called him softly, “Colton.”

He responded with an inquisitive hum.

Freyja did not look up at him. “I‘m sleepy already. Can you accompany me to bed?”

Colton paused for a short moment, then picked her up horizontally and laughed out loud, “You‘re so he

Freyja leaned against his shoulder. “It‘s your son who‘s heavy.” He placed her on the bed and took off h
er shoes for her. “Yes, after all, I am carrying two people.” Colton helped her lie down, lay down beside
her, and held her hand. “Okay, now go to sleep.”

Freyja closed her eyes and
felt his gentle breathing and body temperature, and drowsiness gradually poured in.

The next thing she knew, it was already 8:00 p.m.when she woke up.

After she woke up, she did not see Colton until she went downstairs and saw a figure in the kitchen.

Freyja walked to the dining table and sat down. Colton heard the movement
and looked back at the table. “You‘ve woken up?” She nodded. “I‘m hungry.”

He brought
some food that he had prepared to the table. “Even if you‘re not hungry, our son should be hungry alrea

Freyja looked at the nutritious dinner he had brought, picked up
a spoon, and started drinking the soup first. “This tastes pretty


Colton sat across from her, propped his hand against the side of his forehead, and stared at her. “Of co
urse, you’re looking at the chef here.”

She laughed. “Yes, the second son of the Goldmanns is a genius. There‘s nothing that he can‘t do.”

He frowned. “You‘ve never called me properly.”

Freyja was
stunned for a split second and met his slightly resentful gaze. After a while, her lips moved slightly. “Col

He was not satisfied. “Is this it?” She smiled. “Colly?”

Colton was rendered speechless.

He then crossed his arms and turned his face away. “You can call me whatever you want, but not Colly.
It sounds so childish.”

‘It was still acceptable for Mom to call me Colly when I was younger, but my wife? That‘s so embarrassin

Freyja finished her dinner very quickly. She placed the silverware down
and got up slowly. “I‘m full already, and I‘ll leave the dishes to you, Colt.”

She then went upstairs.

Colton squinted slightly, returned to her senses, and realized what had just happened. ‘Colt… Well, that

The next day, Jessie parked her car at the entrance of
Blackgold. She looked into the rearview mirror, applied her lipstick, pushed the door open,
and got out of the car.

She came to the administration department unimpeded as usual and just so happened to meet Colton a
walking out of the office. She then walked forward with a smile. “Mr. Goldmann.”

Colton looked up at her and sounded rather polite. “Dr. Blueman, is everything okay?”

“About that… I went to see Deedee yesterday, but I think Ms. Pruitt



seems to have misunderstood me.“, Jessie lowered her gaze and looked rather embarrassed.

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