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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 2242

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Chapter 2242 In the house… :

The maid brought them tea and some fruits.

Cameron glanced at Deedee sitting next to Freyja, remembered the rumors at Blackgold, and guessed
that this girl was the ‘niece‘ they were talking about. She looked at Deedee, who looked back.

Cameron smiled at her.

Deedee was surprised and looked down.

Cameron looked at the cautious little girl in pigtails and weirdly felt touched. She looked like Mahina wh
en she was a child, except Mahina was braver at her age.

The maid brought over some cookies. Deedee saw that and wanted some but didn‘t dare
take them herself. Cameron picked one up and handed it to her.

Deedee didn‘t take it.

Cameron held her little hand, helped her hold the cookie, smiled, and said, “Have some.”

Deedee looked at the cookie in her hand, then at Cameron, and started munching on it.

Cameron watched while she ate like a little hamster biting on sunflower seeds.

Freyja and Waylon were looking at her, and Freyja was especially shocked. Ever since Deedee develo
ped psychological issues, she wouldn‘t

get close to anyone and wouldn‘t even eat food from anyone else. Nonetheless, she accepted Camero
n‘s cookie, even though Cameron pushed it into her hands.

Freyja touched Deedee‘s hair. “Say thank you to the lady.” Deedee‘s eyes moved around as she quietly
said, “Thank you.” Cameron smiled and waved her hand. “You‘re welcome. You‘re so cute.”

Waylon looked at her. “You love kids?”

She was curious. “Everyone likes kids. They‘re so cute.”

He nodded. “Let‘s make one.” Cameron glared at him and lowered her voice. “You can do it. I just like
other people‘s kids.” Waylon peeled an orange and handed it to her. “If you could get me pregnant, I‘d
deliver it.” Cameron was rendered speechless. Freyja smirked. “You‘re an interesting person.” Camero
felt embarrassed. Why did they have to talk about this in front of other people? Waylon wiped the orang
e juice off his fingers and looked up.” Freyja, I need to speak to you.” Freyja was surprised because sh
e was worried about Deedee.

Cameron said, “Don‘t worry, I‘ll help you look after this little lady.”

Freyja smiled, got up, and walked to the garden with Waylon. They stood under a tree.

Waylon looked at the huge tree. When they moved there, the tree was already there. “I‘ve heard about y

there was some misunderstanding between you, but I don‘t think it was because of Deedee.”

She paused and slowly looked down.

Waylon turned to look at her. “Cole hasn‘t been very good at expressing himself ever since he was a kid
her hand and looked at the flowerbed. “I know.” “What about you?” He squinted. “What do you think abo

Freyja smiled. “I never thought about his feelings about what happened in the past. Deedee has been u

“Maybe I ignored his feelings because of this self–blaming. I don‘t blame
him even if he can‘t understand how I feel because I don‘t try to understand him either.”

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