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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 2246

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Chapter 2246 Jessie took over the tissue and said, “It‘s nothing. It‘s just about Deedee. Can I see Mr. G
oldmann? I really have something very important to speak
to him about.” Leonardo replied, “Mr. Goldmann is having a meeting right now. I‘m afraid he can‘t come
out.” She replied, “It‘s okay. I can wait for him.” Leonardo led her to the office. After roughly 30 minutes,
the meeting
ended. Leonardo told Colton that Jessie was there to see him when he returned to the office.


He did not say anything back to Leonardo, and Leonardo couldn‘t tell his emotions from his face. He pu
shed the door open and went into the office.

When Jessie saw him, she rose to her feet. “Mr. Goldmann.”

Colton stood behind the couch and looked at her deeply. It was true that he had told
her before that she could come to see him as long as it was about Deedee. However, it seemed to him
that she had been showing up before him too often. Not only that, but she was not talking
about Deedee most of the time, and honestly, he was annoyed.

Colton walked toward his desk and sat down on the chair. “Dr. Blueman, my time is precious. I hope yo
u won‘t waste my time anymore if it isn‘t about Deedee.”

Jessie‘s heart skipped a beat.

‘Did I show up too often lately, so he‘s annoyed by me? D*mn it! I should‘ve known earlier! But no matt
er! I just need to calm down.‘

With that thought in mind, Jessie said, “I‘m sorry. I don‘t mean to disturb you. But I really have come to t
alk to you about Deedee.”

“I was supposed to do the usual treatment with Deedee. But a woman suddenly showed up, and not on
ly did she stop me from treating Deedee, but she also took her away.”

Colton frowned. “A woman?”

“I‘ve never seen her before. Maybe she‘s Ms. Pruitt‘s friend. She refused to let Deedee cooperate with
me, and she also said that…” Jessie glanced at him, put on a troubled expression, and continued. “She
said that Deedee doesn‘t need any treatment. But Deedee is very unstable right now. It will be a proble
m if she keeps on messing with my treatment like this. Besides, she‘s questioning me, so this means th
at she‘s questioning you as well.”

She did not believe that Colton couldn‘t do anything to that woman.

Colton was so concerned about Deedee‘s condition because he was worried Deedee would harm Freyj
a when she went out of control. If Deedee refused to cooperate with her in the treatment, Colton would
certainly not be happy about it.

Everyone in the office fell silent.

After a short while, Colton received a text message from Freyja.

After he finished
reading the text message, he lifted his eyes and asked, “You‘ve been treating Deedee for half a year, ri

Jessie was stunned. “Yeah…”

Squinting his eyes, he continued. “So here‘s my question, Dr. Blueman, why has Deedee‘s condition no
t improved at all after half a year?”

Jessie sroze.

Did he notice something? But how is that possible? “Mr. Goldmann, I believe I‘ve told you about it before
refuses to cooperate with me


Colton tapped his finger on the desk and interrupted her. “She refused to cooperate with you? But why w

Freyja had told him that Cameron had brought Deedee out through the text message. In other words, th

Deedee did not show any resistance toward Cameron, but she refused to cooperate with Jessie in her tr

When Colton thought about it, he realized that Freyja was always wary of Jessie whenever she was aro

Jessie‘s face turned pale as she clenched her fist
tightly. “Mr. Goldmann, I don‘t think there‘s anything wrong with my treatment plan. For all the time I spe

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