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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 2251

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Chapter 2251 Freyja took Deedee‘s hand. “Come on. Let‘s go into the house for dinner.” Al 9:00 p.m.,
Colton came back home. As he walked into the living room, he saw the servant cleaning the dining tabl
e. “Mr. Goldmann, you‘ve come back.”

He responded with a faint hum and removed his tie. “Has Deedee come home?”

“Ms. Southern sent Ms. Deedee back a long time ago. Ms. Pruitt claimed that Ms. Deedee‘s appetite im
proved after going out to play with Ms. Southern She ate two bowls of rice tonight, which means that M
s. Deedee had a good time”

He paused for a while

‘From what I know, Deedee‘s appetite
has never been very good Not only has she been losing weight, but she‘s also a little malnourished. An
d Freyja has been extremely worried about her condition

He hadiried his best to find someone to cure Deedee
All he wanted to see was Freyja not having to worry too much about her

He went upstairs, walked past Deedee‘s room, and heard laughter coming from inside.

It was Freyja and her

“The boy who played with you, did you ask him for his name?”

Deedee was lying on the bed, holding the teddy bear, and thought for a short while. “Those boys call hi
m Connor, but I didn‘t ask his name ”

Freyja fucked her into the bed, “It doesn‘t matter You‘ll get to make even more new friends in the future”

Deedee looked at her. “Aunty Freyja, then can I not take medicine already?”

Freyja was stunned for a split second. She then looked at Deedee, raised her hand, and caressed her
cheek. “I told you, didn‘t 1? You don‘t have to take any pills if you don‘t want to.”

Deedee hugged the teddy bear in her arms tightly. “Then can I not see Dr. Blueman again? She‘s scary

Freyja suddenly felt distressed and asked, upon recalling Cameron‘s reminder, “Did Dr. Blueman come
to visit you today?”

‘When Cameron came to pick Deedee up and took her out, I was still sleeping. The maid told me that D
eedee was waiting for Cameron in the yard, and she also witnessed Jessie and Cameron‘s encounter.

When Cameron told me to be careful of Jessie, it was obvious that Jessie had somehow given herself
away in front of her.‘

Deedee nodded.

Freyja asked, “Did she say anything to you?”

Deedee rubbed the fluffy teddy bear and answered truthfully. “She said I‘m just a foster child here. And
you‘ll dump me as soon as you give birth to the baby.”

5 Chapter 2751

Freyja‘s gaze turned stem instantly.

Deedee continued to ask cautiously, “Aunty Freyja, will you dump me?” “Nonsense!” Freyja held her ha
nd. “I will never dump you. Even if I have a baby in the future, you‘ll still be my Deedee. So promise me

, don‘t listen to this nonsense anymore. If anyone else tells you the same thing, you can always let me
know, okay?” Deedee nodded ignorantly.

“Now go to sleep.” Freyja coaxed her.

Deedee closed her eyes.

After a short while of waiting for her to fall asleep, Freyja turned off the light on the bedside table, got up

She came to the master bedroom, and as soon as she opened the door, she saw
Colton sitting on the bed.

Freyja was startled, “You‘ve come home?”

He responded with a hum, unbuttoned his cuffs, and asked in a hoarse voice, “Did Deedee have a good

Freyja closed the door. “Yes, Cameron look her to the zoo, and she got to meet other children and made

She turned her head, stared at Colton, and said calmly, “Ever since Cameron came here, Deedee has b

‘Even if Colton thinks that I‘m being unreasonable or misunderstands me, I will never leave Deedee to th

After a long silence, Colton replied, “Okay.” Freyja was astounded and slightly surprised. “Are you… agr

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