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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 2256

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Chapter 2256

The blond man immediately took out his phone and found the mobile number.

Cameron took the phone and looked at it. A man suddenly attacked her from behind, but she kicked at t
he side of his head like a gust of wind. The man flew several feet back and was so afraid he stayed on t
he ground and didn‘t dare get up.

The blond man was sweating bullets. ‘This woman is vicious!

Cameron memorized the number and then looked at the man. “When I started out, you were still playin
g with dirt. You‘re not going to attack me with such terrible skills.”

The blond man trembled and got on his knees. “I‘m sorry, it was a mistake. We won‘t do it again.”

Cameron handed his phone back to him.

He tried to get it, but Cameron took it back. “Do you have time?”

The blond man was confused. “W–What do you want?”

“If you do, stay and work for me. If you decline…” Cameron balled up her fist, and her knuckles cracked

The man immediately stood up. “Yes, I have time, sir. At your service!”

“Let‘s go.”

Cameron turned to leave.

The blond man looked at his friends, who were all over the ground. They were pretending to be dead a
nd wished him good luck with their eyes.

Deedee had been waiting for a long time in the car until Cameron sat in the backseat with her.

The blond man suddenly
got into the driver‘s seat. When he saw the logo of the car, his hands started sweating because that wa
s the first time he had ever gotten to drive a luxury car.

Cameron glared at him. “Drive safely. Your life is in my hands.”

The man smiled. “Sure, sir, will do.”

After that, he awkwardly asked, “Where are we headed, sir?” “Citizen Park.” “Alright.”

Deedee curiously looked at Cameron. “Who is he?”

Cameron touched her hair. “He‘s our driver today, West.”

The man pressed his lips together. “My name isn‘t West, sir.” Cameron glared at him. “Your name is We
st if I say it‘s West.”

The man cowardly said, “Alright, my name is West then.” When they got to Citizen Park, Deedee bump
ed into a group of boys who were playing soccer. Connor Heigl turned and saw Deedee, then waved at
her. “Hey, Deedee!”

Deedee turned to look at Cameron as if she was asking for her permission. Cameron
smiled and gently pushed her forward. “Go ahead if you want to.”

She smiled and ran over to them. The blond man tried to escape while she was distracted, but a pebble
came out of nowhere after he took a few steps, hit his legs, and he fell.

Cameron crossed her arms and stood behind him. “Trying to run away?”

The blond man slowly turned around and was terrified. “Sir, I… I just need to go to the loo.”

Cameron smirked. “Hold it in. I have questions for you.” A chill ran down the back of the man‘s spine.


Leonardo rushed to Asperia, where Jessie had been working, to find out more about her.

A few nurses saw how handsome he looked, so they were interested. “Are you Jessie‘s friend?“.

He looked uneasy. “No, we don‘t know each other that way. She‘s just the

psychologist of my cousin‘s child. It‘s been a long time, yet the child is still disturbed, so…”

He didn‘t continue but observed their expressions.

A nurse who was drinking water turned to
look at him. “We don‘t know her very well. Why don‘t you ask Dr. Jeffordson?”

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