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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 2260

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Chapter 2260 “Of course,” Cameron said in a serious tone. “Deedee was admitted because of my negli
gence. I have the biggest responsibility.” Waylon pulled her into his arms which surprised her.

He leaned in and planted his lips on her forehead. “Don‘t worry. I‘m here.” She looked away. “I
don‘t need you to help me…”

Waylon pinched her chin. “You better think about it. Freyja is pregnant. If she finds out that Deedee is h
urt, can you really bear the consequences if anything happens to her?” Cameron
froze. She never thought about that. Pregnant women shouldn‘t be under stress.

If anything happened
to Freyja, the Goldmanns would cut her into pieces. She pressed her lips together. “How would you hel
p me?” He smiled. “It‘d be easier if you were part of the family.” Cameron stared at him and moved her
hand away after a long pause. “You‘re trying to fool me again?” Waylon adjusted his coat and raised his
brows. “Do you really think that way?” She
turned around. “Even if Freyja is pregnant, she will soon find out about what happened to Deedee. Can
we hide it from her?” “It doesn‘t matter if we can. Most importantly, you can help Deedee open up her h

Waylon looked at her. “Win them over with good results.”

Cameron crossed her arms and suddenly chuckled. “Alright, I‘ll bring Deedee over to Emperon and giv
e her a new Deedee back.”

Waylon smiled. “Sure.”

Cameron was going back to the room, but she suddenly remembered something, so she turned to look
at him. “By the way, can you get someone to look into Ronald George? It‘s best to find out
who‘s behind him.”

He raised his brows. “Do I get a reward?”

“You get a pig‘s foot.”

She wrinkled her nose, then turned and went into the room.

Waylon chuckled because this woman was getting more and more adorable.

That night at 9:30 p.m., at the Seaview Villa…

Colton parked in
the driveway. The house was brightly lit. He stood outside for a while before going in. The maid told him
that Freyja was already asleep.

He walked upstairs
and pushed the door of the master bedroom open gently. Freyja had left a light on for him.

Colton walked to the bed and sat
down. Freyja opened his eyes but was still dazed. “You‘re back.” Colton nodded, and his hand that was
out to touch her face hung in mid air. He took it back. “Deedee will be staying at Emperon for a while.”

She was half away, and her voice was drowsy. “I know.”

He gently said, “Go back to sleep.” Freyja didn‘t reply as though she really was back in a deep sleep.

He took a shower in the next room‘s bathroom, then lit a cigarette
on the balcony. He never smoked but had recently started picking up the habit.

The night was dark, as was he.

The smoke blew around his face as he squinted and remembered what Leonardo had discovered.

Gina George was
the woman who had started rumors in the casino. Her husband was Ronald George. Ronald cheated m
when his wife was pregnant. That was how she developed depression which lasted for four years. Her p
had sent Deedee to Jessie for treatment. If Jessie had been coercing Deedee from the start, that
would prove that all that Deedee did in the past half a year was related to her. However, he only listened
pushed a child into the deep end. He couldn‘t face Freyja and Deedee.

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