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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 2263

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Chapter 2263 Gina‘s face was contorted by her anger. “You‘re the one
who hit me! Look at the wounds on my
body! We have all the evidence, and now you still want to push the blame on me? We‘re at the police st
ation now. There‘s no way you can get out of this!”

“Am I the one who hit you first, or you‘re the one who hit someone else first, Mrs. George? Have you fo
rgotten the kid that you hit? Is she not a human?” Cameron‘s eyes were cold.

Gina‘s expression changed. She took a step forward and slapped Cameron across her face. “Bullsh*t!
Not only did you seduce my husband, but you gave birth to a daughter for him! Both of you deserve to
get beaten up by me!” A red welt appeared on Cameron‘s face. She clicked her tongue and looked at G
ina before chuckling. “Sir, she just slapped me across the face. Are you not going to do something abou
t it?” The police officer harrumphed and said, “This is my place, and I make the rules here.”

A triumphant grin appeared on Gina‘s face as she said, “Did you hear that, Ms. Southern? You‘re an ou
tsider, so you should know your place when you come to Bassburgh. It seems like I need to teach you
a lesson today!” Just when Gina raised her hand and was about to slap Cameron again, the latter lifted
her leg and kicked her.

The police officer shot up from his chair and shouted, “How dare you do that to her!?
Somebody! Come over here and teach her a lesson!”

Two police officers stepped forward and pinned Cameron on the table. Before they could do anything, t
he door to the interrogation room was pushed open. When the police officer saw the man, his face turn
ed pale, “S–
Sheriff Cadogan.” Dorian kicked the police officer away, stunning Gina. The police officer scrambled up
from the floor and explained, “I can explain this, Sheriff Cadogan. She refused to cooperate with us. Th
at‘s why we took action on her…”

Dorian dusted his uniform and said, “Do you think
I‘m deaf? Our superiors have decided to promote you, and this is how you repay the trust of your superi
ors? How dare you abuse your authority and take action against people in the police


“I‘m sorry, Sheriff Cadogan. Please give me another chance.” “There‘ll be no mercy this time. You‘re fir

The police officer was stunned, and his eyes turned glassy.

His life was over now.

After that, Dorian looked at another two police officers and said, “And you two. You‘ve violated the code
of discipline and brought disgrace to the police. I want you to submit your resignation, pack your things
, and get out of here immediately.” Dorian released Cameron. When she came
out of the police station and saw Waylon, who was waiting for her in front of his car, she instantly under
stood what had happened. She stopped in front of Waylon and asked, “Are you the one who helped me
?” Waylon saw the red welt on her cheek, and his face sank. “Did they hit you?” She turned her face sid
eways and replied, “They just slapped me once. It‘s no big deal.”

Waylon ran his fingers over her swollen cheek. She shrank away from it as she felt
uncomfortable. She took his hand away and said, “I told you I‘m fine.” “If I hadn‘t known that Mrs. Geor
ge had a relative working in the police station, you would have been in trouble.”

Cameron rolled her eyes and clicked her tongue. “Bassburgh is so boring. At the very least,
I can do whatever I want in the East Islands.”

Waylon chuckled and secured her tightly in his arms. “Did you regret coming to Bassburgh?” She tried to
of a sudden, I‘ll start to regret it.” Waylon laughed deeply and rested his chin on her head. “That means

Gina was so angry that she gnashed her teeth when she saw the scene from the


‘What a b*tch! I must tear off her mask and expose
her true face! Not only did she seduce my husband and have a daughter with him, but she‘s hugging an
the incident of Cameron beating someone continued to spread

across the Internet. Then, when Gina told the “truth” in front of the media. everyone was in an uproar.

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