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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 2264

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Chapter 2264 Gina told the reporters that Cameron could escape from her responsibilities because she
had someone to back her up. She also said that Cameron was a homewrecker who destroyed her fami
ly and had an illegitimate daughter with her husband.

The title “A homewrecker beating up
the first wife” was spread all over the internet. Some netizens who did not know the truth began their cr
usade against Cameron, throwing all sorts of nasty insults at her on the Internet.

Cameron was still unaware of the things happening on the Internet. She picked Deedee up from the ho
spital, and just when both of them walked out of the gate, someone threw a bottle of water at them.

Cameron hastily pulled Deedee away.

“Here she is! The shameless homewrecker! She has appeared!” “The homewrecker is here!”

A group of people gathered up at the gate. Even the reporters had arrived as well. All of them surround
ed Cameron and Deedee.

“Both of you should go to hell!”

Someone threw an egg at them, and Cameron stepped
forward to guard Deedee behind her. The egg landed on her head and slid down her hair in a sticky me
ss. Her eyes were cold, and she clenched her fists so tightly that they were turning white.

The reporters all rushed forward and asked, “Miss, can I know why you want to be a homewrecker?”

“Did you hit Mrs. George because you wanted to replace her? Are you going to make your daughter on
e of the Georges?”

Cameron lifted her eyes, her face dark.

Before she could say anything, Deedee shouted, “Back off! Back off! All of you are bad guys! Aunt
Cameron isn‘t a homewrecker!”

Everyone fell silent, and Cameron turned around to look at Deedee in shock.

Deedee cried, “All of you are bad guys! Aunt
Cameron didn‘t do anything wrong. It was that bad woman who hit me first. We don‘t know her at all!”

The reporter asked in shock, “She isn‘t your mother?”

Deedee wiped the tears off her face, and her voice was trembling as she said, “I haven’t met my mom
and dad. I don‘t even know that bad woman. Why did you guys scold Aunt Cameron? Why
did you beat her? All of you are bad people.” The group of reporters looked at each other in astonishme
nt. If Deedee was not related to Cameron, then why would Gina say she was her husband‘s illegitimate

Cameron pulled Deedee into her arms and looked at them expressionlessly, “So the so–
called reporters are a bunch of people who can‘t tell the truth? Mrs. George said that I‘m the homewrec
ker, and you guys believe in her? Do you have any evidence?”

Someone shouted, “But Mrs. George told us that her husband has cheated on her, and you‘re the home

“That‘s right! You beat her because you know you‘ve destroyed her family!”

Cameron scoffed coldly. “It‘s true that I beat her, but it isn‘t because I‘m the homewrecker who destroyed
them thought that she was just making excuses.

At that moment, a few luxury cars stopped behind the crowd.
A group of bodyguards got out of the cars, and the crowd had no other choice but to make way for them
came out of the car, and a reporter was stunned. “Is he Coleman Goldmann?”

“No. He doesn‘t feel like Coleman Goldmann. I think he should be Wayne Goldmann. I heard that he ret
did not know what was happening.

Waylon turned
his head around to look at the group of reporters and said, “Who told you guys that my woman is a
homewrecker?” The group of reporters fell silent. “She‘s Wayne Goldmann‘s woman!?‘ Those people wh

If Cameron was Waylon‘s woman, then there was no way she could fall in love with
Gina‘s husband. That was unless she was blind!

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