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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 2269

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Chapter 2269

Gina bit her lip and decided to watch it.

Leonardo put the phone on the table, Gina picked it up, tapped on the video, and her whole body froze
as soon as the video started playing. Her expression looked astounded. “How could this…”


She went through the whole clip several times as her face turned pale, and her hands started shaking.

“The woman that Ronald is cheating on me with turns out to be Jessie!‘

She murmured in disbelief, “How could this be… How could it be her…”

‘Jessie is the person that I trust the most. Without her treatment over the years, I wouldn’t have been a
ble to survive those dark days back then.‘

Gina had always regarded Jessie as her savior and confidant. She would
respond to all her requests as long as they were within her capability, but now that she had found out th
at the woman her husband cheated on her with was her best friend, the news undoubtedly gave her a h
uge blow, and it hit her hard.

“Mrs. George, I’ve always been curious. You were diagnosed with postpartum depression back then, bu
t why did you go all the way to Asperia to meet Ms. Blueman and appoint her as your personal
psychologist? It’s not like there were no other psychologists in Bassburgh.”

Gina’s face was as pale as death as all the blood had been drained from her cheeks. “M–
My husband was the one who introduced her to me.”

After saying that, she immediately realized that this was a complete
scam from the very beginning. She laughed out loud, and her emotions became even more hysterical. “
I see, so they’ve been together for a long time, and I’ve been played by them all this while.‘

‘I started suffering from postpartum depression after I gave birth to Amos, and I suffered from all that on
ly because I found out that Ronald was cheating on me.

‘At that time, Ronald introduced Jessie to me, and he kindly accompanied me to Asperia for all the treat
ment sessions. He even offered to stay with me in Asperia for a while, waiting for me to recover.

‘I was so naive that I thought
that Ronald was sincerely thinking of me, and I was deeply moved for a while back then.

‘But when we were staying in Asperia, Ronald always went out very early in the morning and came bac
k very late at night, saying that he was negotiating a business collaboration with a company in Asperia.
Although I wasn’t very happy about that, he was doing so for his career, and I had no reason to refute it

‘Originally, Ronald only went out early and came home late, but he prevaricated my doubts, saying that
he had to work overtime and continued
not to come home all night. And because of the sadness that I felt back then, I kept on suppressing my
emotions and had to talk to Jessie often.

‘Jessie was
patient when it came to guiding me. She even took the initiative to ask me out for dinner and shopping t
o divert my attention.

‘At that time, I was really grateful to Jessie. When I was at my lowest, Jessie was the person who was t
here for me instead of my husband.

‘But looking back now, just how ridiculous that period was?‘

Leonardo comforted her. “Mrs. George, you don’t have to feel too bad. Since you’ve seen the true color
s of your husband, you have to leave his side as soon as possible.”

Gina covered her face and cried. “But why would he give up everything?”

Leonardo raised his gaze. “You now possess this video, which is a piece of evidence that proves Mr. Ge

Gina lowered her gaze. “But
these alone might not be able to force him into giving up everything that he has.”

Leonardo smirked. “Don’t worry about this. Our president has come up with a plan.”

When Leonardo returned to the compa, he reported everything to Colton.

Colton closed the documents in his hand and lifted his gaze. “Contact Mr. Derrien Golding and tell him th

Leonardo nodded. “Understood.”

When Leonardo left
the office, Colton leaned back in his chair, and his expression dimmed. ‘No matter if it’s the Georges or J

A few days later, Ronald and Derrien made an appointment to meet at a cafe, and
Derrien placed a stack of documents on the coffee table. “Mr. George, I’ll be as frank as possible here. I

Ronald’s expression changed instantly. “What? That crazy b*tch wants me to give up everything?”

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