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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 2272

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Chapter 2272

Freyja looked down. “I don’t know a lot, but I know that she’s not really trying to help


Cameron said, “She’s not. She got close to Deedee because she wanted to use her against you.” Freyj
a looked shocked. “Use Deedee against me?”

“Yes, Jessie’s target is Coleman. She wanted to manipulate Deedee and trick her into hurting your child
, thinking that maybe if you lost your child, you would love her more.”

Freyja pressed her lips together.

When she remembered all the rumors that started surfacing recently and the text, they all sounded like
they were from Jessie.

Colton came back in the afternoon and saw Freyja watering the plants in the garden.

He frowned, walked over to her, and then covered her shoulders with his jacket. “Why are you outside?

“I was bored, so I did something.” Freyja put down the watering can and turned to look at him. “By the
way, Deedee is coming back tonight.”

He was surprised, then looked down. “Isn’t she staying in Emperon?”

Freyja asked, “Do you want her to stay there forever?”

Colton choked. “Of course not.

Freyja stared at him and smiled. “You’re the one who made Deedee see Jessie. Thanks to you and the
woman who is interested in you, we don’t even know what kind of life Deedee has been living
for the past half a year.”

Colton was rendered speechless. He knew that Freyja would one day use this against him, and he was
ready. “I’m accountable for what happened to her.”

Freyja looked away. “But you would rather believe that woman than Deedee.”

“I…” Colton didn’t know what to say, but what could he say? It was a fact that he didn’t trust Deedee.

Freyja turned her face away and tutted. “Don’t speak to me for a week. I’m going to ignore you.”

She then walked into the house while holding her belly.

Colton pinched the bridge of his nose because he knew he was in
trouble. The little one’s issue was still unresolved, but the adult was declaring war.

The next morning…

When the maid went to clean the study, she jumped. “Sir, did you not sleep last night?”

Colton stayed in the study the entire night and barely slept. He leaned back into the chair and looked fa
tigued. “I couldn’t sleep. Go ahead with your chores.”

The maid left.


After she went downstairs, the other maids gathered around and started gossiping. “Was he chased ou
t of his room last night?”

“Shh, be quiet.”

Colton had never been kept out of the room from what they knew.

Freyja rarely had arguments with him, so there was a slim chance he would be kept out of the room. He

But if he compromised with sleeping in the study with this temper, he must have done something to dese

Freya woke up at 8:00 a.m. and felt angry when she looked at the empty space next to her. He hadn’t sl

The maid replied, “He left early.”

Freyja looked up. “He left without breakfast?”

The maid paused. “He had a bowl of cereal.”


Freyja picked up a slice of toast and started having breakfast.

The maids were confused. If she was angry at him, why would she still care if he had breakfast or not?

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