Novel Name : Charming Mommy of adorable triplets

Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 2275

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Chapter 2275 Ronald kissed her. “Ignore it.”

The mocks persisted, and Ronald was so annoyed he couldn‘t continue. He yelled. “Who the f* ck is it?

He then put his pants back on, got up, and opened the door. The woman standing there made his expr
ession change. Gina suddenly rushed in and gave him a slap on his face. “You heartless thing! Give A
mos back to me!”

Her eyes suddenly went to Jessie, who was covering herself with her clothes. Jessie didn‘t expect that i
t was her, so she was shocked.

Gina had found out about them a while ago, but she couldn‘t accept it when she saw it with her own ey
es. She rushed forward, grabbed something from the table, and was going to hit her.” You b*tch, you lie
d to me!” “Aaah!! Ronny, help me!”

Gina pulled her hair and slapped her very hard. Jessie could only cry out in pain. Ronald rushed over a
nd shoved her away. “Are you crazy!?” Gina fell to the floor. Her hand hit the corner of the table and sta
rted bleeding. However, her anger numbed the pain.

She got up, threw herself onto him, and started hitting him while crying. “Ronald George, you useless pi
g! Amos is your son. How could you kidnap him with this b*tch. Give my son back to me!”

Ronald‘s face turned pale. “What is this b*llshit? Why would I kidnap him?” “It‘s you, admit it.” Gina brok
e down. “Ronald, I beg you. All I want is Amos. Do you want a divorce? I don‘t want any of
the money. Just give Amos back to me!” Ronald grabbed her hands and dragged her out. “Let‘s speak
outside.” The entire building was going to hear if she continued.

But Gina was so emotional because of what
happened to her son that she wouldn‘t give in. She slapped and bit him. “Ronald, you pig! Give my son
back to me!”

Ronald was out of patience and slapped her. Gina lost her balance, fell, and hit her head on the corner
of a table. Ronald didn‘t care but continued yelling, “You crazy b*tch! You won‘t keep quiet if I don‘t hit y
ou, will you?”

But when she wasn‘t moving, Ronald froze. He saw a pool of blood forming, and Jessie started panicki
ng. “Ronny… She, is she dead?

“Ronny, call an ambulance.” Jessie pulled out her phone to make a call, but Ronald
snatched her phone away.

Jessie was stunned. “Ronny?”

Ronald was unusually
calm as he stared at his wife lying on the floor. After a long pause, he said, “Wouldn’t it be great if she di

Jessie‘s face turned pale as she looked at Ronald in disbelief. “You… Are you crazy? If she died in my
home… If the police found out…” “Don‘t worry. I‘m here.” Ronald hugged Jessie. “I‘ll settle it.”

Jessie‘s hands and feet
turned cold. This man was horrifying. She started worrying about what he would do to her if he found ou

Ronald went to get the door but just opened it a crack. The men
standing outside asked, “Did something happen here? It‘s too loud. I could hear from next door.” Ronald

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