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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 2274

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Chapter 2274 But was Ronald going to forfeit everything he had for his son? No, he couldn‘t.

Even if he no longer had a son, Jessie could give him another one.

Ronald left the school and went straight to Jessie. She was sitting at her dresser with a mask on. When
she saw Ronald, she frowned. “Why are you here? Aren‘t you afraid that your wife will find out?”

“Jessie.” He stood behind her and looked at her. “Amos was taken.” Jessie paused, then she put the ca
p on her moisturizer. “Your son was taken?”

Ronald frowned. “It wasn‘t you?” That person knew Amos‘ name, his phone number, and his wife‘s nam
e. It must be someone they knew.

He had been speculating who would take his
son. It probably wasn‘t that dumb woman. She would go get him herself. Other than her, the other pers
on he could think of was Jessie. Jessie was surprised and slowly stood up. “Ronny, what are you trying
to say? Do you think that I took him?”

Ronald grabbed her shoulders. “Jessie, that wasn‘t what I meant…” Jessie pushed him away. “Why are
you questioning me then?”

This man was questioning her because of his son.

She would have kicked him aside if it wasn‘t because he could
fulfill her material needs. There was no reason that she would need to be involved with him.

“Ronny, is your love for me fake? You‘re using your son to yell at me. I wouldn‘t get back with you if I kn
ew this was going to happen.” She forced a tear out.

Ronald hugged her and felt terrible. “Alright, baby, don‘t cry. I was just asking. I wouldn‘t blame you eve
n if you did take him. If I lose him, you can give me one, right?”

Jessie froze in his arms. She knew that he was a shallow *sshole who was only interested in her looks.
She also knew how he treated Gina.

That was why she never really put in actual feelings when she was with men. All she wanted from them
were favors and money.

She wasn‘t dumb. Ronald claimed that he loved her, but if they were to get married, she would end up li
ke his wife when he found someone younger and prettier.

She would never expect that he would be cruel enough to ignore his son even if he was
in danger and was expecting her to give him another one.

She was young and beautiful, so why would she sacrifice herself for men and be used as a tool just for

Even if she wanted children, it would have to be with men like Colton.

Yes, her target would always be to marry the rich.

Even if Colton had no feelings for her, as long as she could give him a son, she wouldn‘t care if he had a

“Jessie, don‘t worry. When we get married, we‘ll have our own children, and I‘ll treat you both


Although Jessie felt cold in her heart, she was smirking.

Men just loved to give sweet but empty promises. Gina was dumb and believed him, and what happene

Jessie smiled and pressed a finger to his lips. “Ronny, you just know how to make me happy.” Ronald gr
up, and took deep breaths. She saw sparks and heard a knock on the door. She stopped and said, “Ron

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