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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 2280

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Chapter 2280 Ronald smashed
their cameras and pointed at them. His face was contorted with anger as he roared, “I warn you! Get th
e hell out of here! Don‘t force me to beat you all up!”

“Mr. George, are you mad with us? I heard that your mistress is your wife‘s psychologist. Can you tell u
s when you guys started seeing each other?”

The group of reporters ignored Ronald. Even if he smashed their cameras, they still had their phones.

The corridor of the hospital was so packed with people that nothing could get through at all.

Soon, a few doctors came over to disperse the crowd. A few patients and family members from other w
ards came out and watched the show.

“What‘s going on?”

“I heard a man was having sex with his mistress inside his wife‘s ward.”

“What!? How terrible! Can he even consider himself a man? He‘s such a disgrace!”

The news spread all over the Internet rapidly.

The title such as #Heartless man making out with his mistress in his wife‘s ward# appeared everywhere
on the Internet. The number of people following this matter was even bigger than those who followed t
he incident where Cameron brutally beat up Gina.

Those who crusaded against Cameron all shifted their target to Jessie. It took only half a day, and the i
nformation about Jessie was spread all over the Internet. Many people criticized her #Is it that easy to b
ecome a psychologist? #

#She looks more like an “sex” doctor than a psychologist to me.

#I heard that Mrs. George wanted to file a divorce a long time ago, but Ronald wanted her to leave with
out taking any property. Mrs. George didn‘t agree, so I guess it‘s them who caused Mrs. George to be h

Shortly after the news came out, the bad things that Jessie had done in the past were revealed as well.

She had four abortions and also had an affair with a doctor and a patient while she had a boyfriend duri
ng her tenure at the hospital.

Even the bad things she did when she was having a relationship with Dr. Jefferson were exposed as w
ell. She had cheated on him several times and looked down on him because he came from a humble b
ackground. After she forced him to take on a loan to buy a house, she broke up with him.

She had a monthly salary of about $600, yet she
could shop at various shopping malls that sold luxury brands. She could buy branded bags that cost ab
out $15,000 without batting her eyes. It went without saying that she got all her money from Ronald. Be
sides, she had already been seeing Ronald before she broke up with Dr. Jefferson.

Ronald was not in good shape, either. All of his shareholders withdrew from his hotel. People were spra
ying red
paint, throwing feces, placing wreaths, and so on in front of his hotel every day. No more customers we
re willing to step into the hotel, and he had no choice but to close down the hotel.

At Emperon…

Cameron was sitting on the couch with her legs crossed as she watched the news. Waylon was sitting n
to her. He peeled an orange and popped a slice into her mouth.

After she swallowed the orange, she clicked her tongue and said, “This woman has lost all her reputatio

Waylon popped another piece of orange into her mouth and asked, “What about you?” Cameron turned
about me?”

Waylon put the orange peel on the table and leaned closer. “I‘m a good man, so when are you going to m

She was stumped and averted her eyes. “H–
How can you be so shameless?” The smile on his face deepened. “Am I not a good man?”. She mumble
the couch and looked at her in the eyes. “I‘m handsome.
I‘m no inferior to you, and I can take care of you for the rest of your life.” She was stunned. “Are you goin


Waylon raised his eyebrows. “So, do you want it or not?”

Cameron rolled her eyes and
turned around to look at him. There had been a question bugging her for a while, and she
decided to ask it now. “What do you really want from me?” Waylon put his finger on her lips and
fixed his gaze on her face. “I want you.”

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