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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 2286

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Chapter 2286

The whole night was silent for some yet noisy for others. The rest of the people were already asleep, a
nd only Nollace was still wide awake.

He lowered his gaze, stared at Daisie, who was lying in his arms, and gently brushed the
hair on her forehead with his fingers. She twitched for a split second in his arms and went back to sleep

He smiled and then tightened his embrace.

Nollace seemed to have recalled the time when Daisie accompanied him to Octavia, disregarding her o
wn safety. Whether it was in the past or now, she had always been like this, which made it very difficult
for him not to care for her.

That was also why he could not stop worrying about her.

At Bassburgh, in the hospital…

Freyja woke up in the middle of the night and wanted to get out of bed, but Colton pushed her back do
wn. “Don’t move. You have to rest.”

She felt helpless. “But I want to go to the bathroom.”

Colton took a potty out from the bottom of the bed and handed it to her.

She felt extremely embarrassed and pointed at the potty in his hand. “Are you asking me to use this?”

you to

When he noticed something, he raised his eyebrows and smirked. “Is it too bashful for take off your pan
ts? I can help you with that.”

“You should first leave the room.” Freyja grabbed the potty from him.

He did not even budge.

Freyja became even more anxious. “Go out. I can’t do it with you staring at me.”

Colton crossed his arms. “I’ve seen you give birth to a baby, and you still care about this?”

“You… I’ll hold it in then.”

“Okay, I’ll go out first. Be careful.”

Colton was really afraid that she would get angry, so he exited the ward and closed the door, but he onl
y stood at the door and did not go far.

Freyja couldn’t help but place the potty back under the bed, quietly got out of bed, and walked toward t
he bathroom.

When Colton heard some small noises coming from inside the ward, he pushed open the door,

entered the room, saw her coming out of the bathroom, and frowned. “You’re really a rebellious one, ar
en’t you?”

She sat back on the bed. “Don’t you know that all women can get out of bed and walk a little straight aft
er giving birth?”

Colton turned his face away. “Does it not hurt anymore?”

She blushed and lay down directly, feeling that she really had no privacy at all.

Colton walked to the chair, sat down, and covered the quilt for her. “But you’ll go straight into postpartu
m confinement after you leave the hospital in a few days, right?”

She was slightly confused by Colton’s question. “Postpartum confinement? Is that even a thing
in Yaramoor?”

Colton looked at her. “We’re following the Zlokovian ways of doing things here.”

Freyja turned her
head away. “I’m not married to you, so why should I stick to the Zlokovian customs? I only gave birth to
a child. It’s no big deal.”

Colton became exceptionally silent all of a sudden.

After a moment, he got up. “You should grab some rest first.”

He then left the ward immediately.

Freyja watched as he left, and her gaze shifted downward.

‘Is he mad?‘

The sky became gradually brighter, and the blizzard that had been raging all night in Coralia finally stop
ped in the morning.

The yellow minibus was extremely conspicuous in the snow. Its roof was covered in a thick layer of sno
w, and the windows were covered with a thin layer of frost.

It took a lot of effort to open the door, and the snow fell to the ground once they managed to

do so.

Nollace was the first person to step out of the bus. He squinted and looked at the scenery in

the distance.

The two crew members also got out of the car.

“The snow has finally stopped.”

“Yeah, man. Huh? My phone still has a signal. We can call them to send help here.”

Shannon was the last to get out of the bus with Daisie and immediately took a glance at his watch. “Pag

down the mountain for us.”

The crew member, whose name was Page, nodded. “Okay.”

Daisie wrapped her padded jacket tightly and walked toward Nollace. “What are you looking


Nollace turned back. “Why did you get off the bus? Aren‘t you cold?”

She crossed her arms. “You guys don‘t even feel cold, so why must I pretend to be a spoiled princess?”

He smiled, raised his hand, and rubbed the top of her head. “My wife is indeed not a squeamish lady.” P

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