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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 2292

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Chapter 2292

Waylon turned around and suddenly smiled. “Aunt Barbara.”

Barbara walked over while holding Beatrice’s hand. “It’s Wayne.”

The car window was down, so Beatrice saw Deedee sitting in the car. “Isn’t this the girl from the store?”

Waylon patted her head. “Bea, do you know Deedee?”

Beatrice looked up at him. “Is her name Deedee? We met her while shopping with Mommy just now. Sh
e let me have a dress that we both wanted.”

Barbara told Waylon what had transpired in the store, and Waylon smiled at Deedee. “You did well.”

Deedee was bashful at the compliment.

Barbara smiled too. “Deedee is Freyja’s niece. That’s why she looked familiar.”

Everyone in Bassburgh knew that Freyja had a niece, and Barbara had heard of her too. She just never
thought that they would bump into her at the mall. That was fate.

She noticed Cameron and raised her brows. “Could this be Ms. Southern?”

Cameron was surprised. “How did

you know?”

She had just been in Bassburgh for a short time.

Barbara smiled. “We’re friends with the senior Goldmanns. Do you think there’d be something that I do
n’t know?”

They were in a group chat, and the previous ‘socialite‘ group was now a group for ‘ladies‘. There weren’
t many people in the group because only those really close to them were part of it. They talked about al
l kinds of news in Bassburgh. Ryleigh and Xyla were there too.

How could they not know what Maisie told them in the group?

Cameron smiled a little awkwardly.

Coming to Bassburgh seemed to be
a ‘trap‘. They were all part of the plan, and she was the lamb waiting for slaughter.

Barbara looked at Waylon. “You need to put in more effort.”

Waylon smiled widely. “I will.”

Beatrice leaned on the window. “Deedee, come play with me when you can.”

Deedee smiled and nodded. “Okay.”

On the way back…

Cameron rested her head on her fist and leaned against the window. “You have
such a big circle of family and friends.”

Waylon looked forward. “Do we? There are more that you’re going to meet.‘

Cameron looked at him in surprise. “I never said I wanted to meet them.”

He smiled. “If Aunt Barbara knows about you, my godmother probably does
too. Now that everyone knows you, do you think you can get away?”

Cameron turned away. “You’re trapping me.”

He smiled but didn’t reply.

Two days later, at the hospital…

Freyja was breastfeeding in the room. When the nurse took the baby, she smiled and said, Ms. Pruitt, yo

Freyja smiled. “Thank you.”

The nurse placed her daughter back
into the crib next to her bed. After Charmaine was fed, she would sleep soundly and rarely cry, so it was

Colton walked into the room with a healthy meal and placed it on the table. “These are from a well–
known nutritionist. It’s great for your postpartum recovery.”

Freyja looked at him. “I’ll be discharged tomorrow.”

Colton was startled. “So soon?”

Freyja squinted. “You don’t want me to leave?”

Colton moved the food in front of her and sat at the edge of the bed. “Why would I not?”

Freyja picked up a fork. “Why do you look disappointed then?”

Colton raised his brows and looked at her. “I’m not. Don’t accuse me of something that’s not true.”

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