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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 2294

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Chapter 2294

“Mr. Goldmann, $1,000,000 is nothing to you. As long as you give me the money, I
promise that all this will be kept between you and me.”

Colton raised his brows. “Why should I believe you?”

Colton stopped next to the bed and stared at her with cold eyes. “After I give you the money, you’ll just
spend it and come back to me for more. Jessie
Blueman, do you think I’m as easy to con as Ronald George?”

Jessie froze as though he read her mind and immediately said, “Aren’t
you afraid that I will expose you?”

He pulled out a chair and slowly sat down. “Go ahead.”

Jessie was stunned. “You…”

Colton crossed his legs. “You used your position, coerced Deedee to harm herself, and forced her to ta
ke medication. You even told her to hurt her aunt’s child. All those are punishable by law.

“You say that you
have evidence of me hiring people to assault you, then go ahead and expose it. Do you
think anyone will believe you?”

Jessie’s heart leaped, and she found it hard to breathe. “You… Even if I did all that, Deedee is fine. It w
as just an attempt, but it will be different for you. Once the police start their investigation, there’s no way
you can get away!”

“Really?” Colton touched his watch. “Why didn’t you call the police when you had the chance?”

She choked and broke out in a cold sweat.

She hadn’t called the police because she couldn’t let Ronald know she had been assaulted. Once she
had gotten enough money from him, she would be able to threaten Colton with that.

She never thought that Ronald would be so cruel and almost kill her. She had been slashed a few time
s and was disfigured. How could she just let things slide?

Colton squinted, his gaze piercing. “I guess you’ve thought about blackmailing me one day. That’s why
you left Ronald. You were going to use this against me, even if Ronald didn’t do anything, right?”

Jessie avoided his eyes. “B–B*llshit. You just don’t want
to take responsibility for it. I’m not afraid of you, I have nothing to lose, so I am ready to
bring you down with me.”

Colton suddenly got up and leaned in.

Jessie was immediately anxious. “W–What are you doing?”

Colton grabbed the blanket
and pulled it away. She didn’t manage to hide her phone, so Colton took it. He looked at the voice record

Jessie froze, and her eyes were wide open.

‘He found out!

Colton smirked, deleted the voice recording, and looked up with darkness in his eyes. “Since you won‘t l

Jessie knew who he was referring to, and her eyes were filled with fear. “No… I‘m sorry! Mr. Goldmann,

Colton tossed the phone onto the bed and turned around. “Don‘t you think it‘s too late to be sorry? Jessi

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