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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 2295

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Chapter 2295

The next day…

A few luxury cars were parked outside the hospital.

The media found out what happened, and they were camping outside.

Maisie, who was carrying her granddaughter, walked out under the bodyguards‘ protection. Colton held
Freyja and walked behind them. The reporters rushed forward to be the first to report on the news.

“Mr. Goldmann, did you have an illegitimate child with Ms. Pruitt? There was no announcement about y
our wedding before this, so I’d like to know if you got together because Ms. Pruitt was pregnant.”

One of the reporters walked in front and asked questions that were straight to the point.

Colton and Freyja were just confirmed to be married, and when
she was later found to be pregnant, people were discussing their relationship status online.

Some reporters turned to Maisie. “Mrs. Goldmann, do you have anything to say about this?”

Maisie was carrying the baby and tried to hide Charmaine’s face from the cameras. She smiled. “I’m gl
ad that you care so much about my son and Freyja. Even though I’m not sure what people are saying, I
stand by them.”

The reporter was shocked. Did that mean that she had accepted Freyja as her daughter–in–law?

After hearing what Maisie said, Colton turned to the person next to him and calmly answered the report
er’s question, “There’s no need to guess what my relationship with Freyja is. I don’t care what people th
ink of us, but one thing that I’m sure of is that I would marry her even if it wasn’t because of our child.

“There’s something that I haven’t had the chance to do, and since you’re all here, I’d like you to be witn

Freyja looked at Colton in shock.

The place fell silent, and cameras were all on them.

Colton turned to Freyja
and took a purple ring box out of his pocket. He opened it, and a pink diamond ring was inside.

There was a commotion. A pink diamond!

The color of the gem was clearer than any other pink diamond.

Someone immediately Googled the ring’s price, and it was at least $1,000,000.

Freyja was shocked. “What…”

Colton got down on one knee in front of all the reporters and handed the ring to her. “Freyja Pruitt, will y
ou marry me?”

Freyja’s eyes were red. “Are you serious?”

Colton smiled. “Very.”

She looked down, and her nose felt
sour. An indescribable rush of emotions got to her. She held back her tears and held out a hand. “Yes.”

Colton took the ring out and put it on her ring finger. “There’s no going back once it’s on.”

Freyja chuckled as she wiped a tear away. “Okay.”

Maisie looked at them, then at the child in her arms, and smiled while holding
the baby’s hand. “Hope, your father just proposed to your mother. You’re happy too, right?”

#Coleman Goldmann proposes in public.#

#Coleman Goldmann denies getting married because of the baby.#

Once the news got out, it immediately went into trending. Everyone online started congratulating them a

#You would believe what they say? Marriages between people from different social classes never last lo

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