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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 2298

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Chapter 2298

Shannon brought the young actor to the side to talk to him. Daisie sat in front of a fan heater, and she
felt really awful right now.

She thought about how the young actor pushed her away while they were in the water. It wasn’t written
in the script at all, and clearly, the young actor was being uncooperative.

“Daisie, are you all right?”

Zephir walked toward her.

Daisie was stunned and forced a smile on her face. “Yeah. I’m fine.”

Zephir nodded.

“In another ten minutes, we’ll start shooting again. If you’re not feeling well, you need to tell us.”

She pressed her lips tightly and replied, “Okay. I will.”

When the shooting resumed, Daisie still jumped into the pool without any hesitation. The crew praised
her for her professionalism. After all, it was such a cold day. She was holding on despite the fact that
the young actor was being uncooperative.


While Daisie was swimming toward the young actor, she did not know if it was because of the
coldness, but she couldn’t stretch her limbs.

It felt like she was losing consciousness, and her vision was blurring.

Just as she caught the young actor, she released her grip before he could even start to say his line and
suddenly sank into the water.

The crew jerked up. “What happened?”

Zephir took off his coat and jumped into the pool, startling the people around as they had no idea what
had happened at all.

Zephir carried Daisie out of the water, and the crew immediately went forward to assist him.

Tiffany’s face sank when she saw the scene.

‘Why is Mr. Gosling saving her?‘

Zephir put Daisie on the ground and patted her cheek. “Daisie! Daisie!”

Daisie suddenly coughed, and Zephir put his hand on her forehead. When he felt the

abnormally high temperature, he said, “Mr. Fallon, she has a fever.”

Shannon said, “Hurry up and send her to the hospital.”

Just when Zephir was about to scoop her up from the ground, a figure appeared and carried her into
his arms. Nollace said sternly, “I’ll do it.”

He carried Daisie and left hurriedly.

Zephir looked at his empty hands and clenched them tightly.

At the hospital…

Daisie was having an infusion while Nollace sat beside her.

Soon, Daisie finally came around.

Nollace wiped the sweat off her forehead and asked, “How do you feel now? Any better?”

Daisie’s lips were parched, and she replied, “I’m sorry for making you worried about me.”

Nollace did not say anything.

If he hadn’t heard the commotion, he wouldn’t have known that she had almost drowned. Although the
possibility of her drowning in a five–foot pool was rather slim, she was sick at that time, and it might be

“Are you mad at me?”

“No, I’m not mad at you.”

Daisie held his hand tightly. “I really don’t know why I would get a fever today.”

Nollace lifted his eyelids and looked at her. “You still wanted to work even though you were not feeling
well. Should I praise you, or should I be angry with you?”

She rolled her eyes and did not say anything.

“Daisie, I respect your choice. I won’t say no to anything you want to do, but first, I hope you can
promise me that something like what happened today won’t happen again.”

After he finished speaking, he rose to his feet and left the ward.

Daisie looked at the ceiling and fell into silence.

When Nollace came out of the hospital, he ran into Shannon.

Shannon asked, “How is Daisie?”

Nollace replied, “She has come around.”

Shannon sighed. “Let’s give her some time to recuperate. She’s been working tirelessly recently. I’ll
finish her part after she has recovered.”

Suddenly, Nollace remembered something and said, “Mr. Fallon, can I have a look at the recording for
today’s shooting?”

Shannon was stunned, but he nodded. “Sure.”

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