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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 2306

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Chapter 2306 Reading the hurtful comments online, the influencer hugged her head. How could this be
happening? She suddenly heard the doorbell ring and walked to the door. “Who is it?”

“Ms. Larson, we are from a law firm and would like to speak to you. You can choose not to let us in, but
you should know the consequences of being a no-show to court for a case.”

The woman’s face went pale, and she started shaking.

At Bassburgh… Freyja saw the news about Daisie and Nollace and immediately ran into the study.
“Colton.” Colton jumped and closed his laptop. “What’s going on?” She walked to the desk. “Is what
happened between Nollace and Daisie true?” Colton put his hand to his forehead. “Do you think it is?”
Freyja frowned. “Nollace doesn’t seem like someone who would do that.” “Why ask if you trust him?”

She pressed her lips together and was going to say something when Colton got up and walked around
the desk to get to her and hug her. “They’re ‘fishing’. I guess they’re putting up a show together. Don’t
worry about them.” After a long pause, Freyja looked at him and asked, “Have you changed Charm’s
diaper?” He paused. “I don’t think so…” They then heard Charmaine crying from the next room. Seeing
how Colton rushed over to the baby’s room, Freyja couldn’t help but laugh because he was being a
good dad. At that moment, Freyja received a text. It was a notification about her entrance exam for the
Postgraduate of Screenwriter Literary from the Yaramoor Academy of Film and Television. There had
been a few notifications about this before, but she never replied to any of them after her pregnancy.
Freyja walked to the baby’s room and stood at the door as she watched Colton play with Charmaine. It
was a warın and wholesome moment.

Charmaine fell asleep quickly in his arms. Colton looked at her and placed her back into her crib. “Our
daughter loves to sleep as much as you.”

Freyja leaned on the door. “She’s still a baby. What is she going to do if not sleep?”

Colton walked over to her and rested his head on her shoulder. “I’m sleepy now.”

Freyja held his face up. “Go rest then.” He squinted and asked, “Really?”

She nodded.

Colton carried her in his arms. “You said so.”

At Emperon…

After Waylon took over Colton’s role in the company, Cameron had been at home for three days.
Deedee had a new friend and was pretty much spending most of the time at the Bouchers !. She was
alone, and there wasn’t much to do other than scroll through social media.

When she saw the news about Daisie and Nollace, she sat up. “What?”

‘Nollace cheated? And remarried?

‘Why does it sound absurd?

‘Where are they filming? Coralia?”

Cameron looked around, pondered, and sent Daisie a text.

Cameron: [Are you there?]


Daisie was resting between filming. She was surprised when she received the message. Daisie: (Yes,
what’s going on?) Cameron: [I’m so bored. Do you need a bodyguard?) Daisie almost spat the water
she was drinking. Daisie: [Is my brother not spending time with you?] Cameron: (He’s so boring and

won’t let me do anything. Deedee stopped playing with me because she has a new friend now. I’m
bored out of iny mind. Please let me go see you. I don’t mind being a runner.) Daisie: (Alright, but it’s
freezing in Coralia.] Cameron: (I’ve never experienced winter before. I’m coming!) Cameron tossed her
phone onto the couch and immediately went upstairs to pack her bags.

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