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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 2307

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Chapter 2307 After packing her bags, Cameron went downstairs, left a note, and left.

Cameron took a plane to Coralia. Once she got out of the airport, she shivered in the cold wind and
wrapped her clothes tighter around her. “Damn, is it really so cold?”

She trembled as she took out her phone to call Daisie. A white car soon arrived at the airport, and she
walked over to it after checking the license plate. She opened the door and sat down. Daisie saw that
she only had a jacket on and was shocked.” Didn’t I tell you that it would be cold?”

Cameron rubbed her arms. “I didn’t know it would be that cold. I’m from a warm country. We don’t have
winter there.”

Daisie had to remove her down jacket and wrap it around her. “You can have mine. I have more clothes
on set.”

Cameron turned to look at her. “What happened between you and Nollace?”

Daisie smiled. “It’s fake news. We’re just acting.”

Daisie told Cameron about everything that happened, which made Cameron frown. “How could that

Daisie looked down. “That was the only way Nolly could fish that person. We’re using their trick on

Cameron nodded, “He is pretty smart, but ruining his own reputation does sound like something he
would do.”

The car arrived on set, and Cameron got out. That was the first time she was at a shooting set.

Daisie walked toward the director. “Mr. Fallon, My friend is here to visit.”

Shannon looked at her and nodded. “Alright.”

Cameron walked close to Daisie. “This is the director?” Daisie smiled and said, “Yes, let me introduce
you to the crew.”

She did that, and the crew was very nice to Cameron because of Daisie. When Cameron saw the
people in their costumes and the old street sets, she felt as though she was in the movie.

James, who hadn’t had his hair and makeup done, walked over. “Friend of yours?” Daisie glared at
him. “Don’t get any ideas. She’s my future sister-in-law.”

If Waylon found out that Cameron went to see her and ‘hooked’ someone, he might just kill her.

James smiled. “Who do you think I am? A playboy?” Daisie smiled. “Fine. You’re very loyal, okay?”
Cameron looked around curiously and wasn’t listening to them at all.

Daisie walked toward her and asked, “Cameron, do you want to take a rest in the car?”

She paused, then nodded. “Alright.” Daisie brought her to the trailer, Tiffany looked unhappy when she
saw Daisie bringing another woman to the set. Everyone had to fight to get a role from Shannon, so
was Daisie trying to slot someone in at the last minute?

More importantly, Nollace was in a media circus, yet she didn’t look like she cared. ‘Daisie is still acting.
Hah! She doesn’t seem to care about Nollace.’

At that moment, she suddenly received a text from Sophie. (You’ve pushed me under the bus! You said
that Daisie was just scaring me about the whole court thing, but the lawyers are at my door. I don’t care
anymore!) Tiffany started panicking. If Sophie showed up in front of the media, she would come clean

about not actually having a relationship with Nollace. She hadn’t stolen someone’s husband or gotten
married. It was all a lie.

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