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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 2317

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Chapter 2317 Cameron was not in the mood. She turned and glared at Waylon. “Do you want to make
any changes to the order?” Obviously, she was daring him to change any dish he did not want. Waylon
smiled. “I‘m okay with anything.”

The actress was very surprised by his accommodation but did not think much about it. She knew that th
is woman was there to visit Daisie, so Cameron being acquainted with Waylon was not a surprising fact
to the actress, Waylon was letting her have it her way only because he was always generous to his ac
quaintances, and that was it. “Mr. Goldmann, I’m terribly sorry if this meal has cost you a fortune.” Wayl
on propped his hand against the side of his forehead and interlocked his fingers with those of Cameron‘
s under the table with the other hand. “You‘re welcome.”

Cameron‘s body stiffened, and she withdrew his hand instantly.

“He‘s chatting with another woman and shamelessly holding my hand! What a sc*in!

“Mr. Goldmann, this might sound a little offensive, but can I ask you a question?”

He calmly responded, “Go ahead.”

The actress lowered her gaze and gave off a faint smile. “Judging from your identity and status in Bass
burgh, you should have a girlfriend, right?”

Waylon turned and stared at Cameron for a moment. “What do you think?”

The actress did not notice his action. “I think you should still be single. After all, what kind of woman wo
uld be worthy of someone as magnificent as you?”

Waylon held Cameron‘s hand, and Cameron wanted
to break free from his grasp, but he tightened his grip immediately. “I don‘t fancy obedient women very

much. I prefer someone who‘s rather temperamental and sometimes a little unreasonable. It‘ll be a
bonus if she loves to bite olliers.”

The actress was dumbfounded. “Eh?”

Cameron pinched his thigh. He hissed and frowned slightly for a split second. The actress stared at him
. “Are you okay?” He let off a chuckle. “I‘m fine. I got scratched by my cat.” Cameron could not bear it a
ny longer. “Who‘s your cat? Have you lost your mind?” Waylon looked at her with a hint of hilarity flashi
ng across his eyes. “Aren‘t you?” “Who told you that I‘m a cat? I‘m a nobody–”

The speed of her speech was so fast that her mind could not even keep up with it. Only then did Camer
on realize that she had uttered
something dumb, so she could not wait to find a way to excuse herself from the table.


Waylon Lugheatriptly and asked her affectionately, “Why would you belittle yourself? “you, shut up!” Th
e actress realized something, pursed her lips, and left her seat with a slightly aggriever repression. Ca
meron Nung his hand off hers. “She has run away. Aren‘t you going to chase after her?” He squinted an
d smiled: “Do you want me to chase after her?” She choked on her own words. “You can go whatever y
ou want.” Waylon fiddled with the end of her hair with his fingers. “But you‘ve already gotten so jealous,
so why would I chase after her?”

“I‘m not jealous!” He stared straight at her. “Oh really? Are you not jealous? Every word that came
out of your mouth smelled of gunpowder, and let‘s not forget about the dishes that you‘ve ordered. You

even picked all the expensive ones.” Cameron gnashed her teeth. “I didn‘t ask you to pay for them, did
I?” “But do you have money?”

“The meal will be on you, but you‘ll be paying for them with my credit card?”

Cameron was at a loss for words.

She turned her head and stared at Waylon. “This is only temporary. Just wait. I‘ll pay you back immediat

“There‘s something you can do to avoid paying back all the money you owe me.” He then approached h

Cameron sank deep in thought.

Wavion supported his head with one hand and stared at her. “Otherwise, let‘s go to the city fall to get ou
even unfreeze your card. And if you regret in later and don‘t want to stay married to me, then you can alw

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