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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 2319

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Chapter 2319 Daisie was famously blowti to be the young lady of the Goldmanns, but she had never sh
own her colleagues any temper at all

One of the stresses suddenly remembered something and said, “Daisie, l‘un not really sure whether i s
tell you this. But I actually think that Assistant Director Gosling should have something to do with the fa
ct that Tiffany doesn‘t like you very much.”

Daisle froze for a split second, then turned to look at her but did not utter a single word.

Another actress also thought of something and added, “Oh yeah, I can see that Tiffany seeins to have
a thing for Assistant Director Gosling, so i guess she‘s probably jealous of you because he scenis to ca
re a lot about you.”

Daisie squinted.

“Tiffany hates me because of my relationship with Zephir? But nothing is going on between us, not to m
ention that I‘ve been trying to avoid him as much as I can in order to prevent suspicion while we‘re work
ing together on the crew.‘ She suddenly remembered something, turned her licad, and asked with a smi
le, “oh yes, do you know where the young actor lives?” On the plane from Coralia to Bassburgh…

Cameron leaned on the back of the chair with her arms crossed and closed her eyes to get sojne rest
while wearing a mask

Waylon, who was sitting beside her, flipped through the magazine in his hand. He then turned his
head to the side, took a glance at the woman beside him, who was hugging herself tightly, and waved t
o summon the flight attendant. Astewardess walked over with a smile. “Sir, do you need anything?” “Ca
n you bring me a blanket? Thank you.” “Of course, please give me a minute.” The flight attendant broug
ht him a blanket, and Waylon

grabbed it from her and covered Cameron with it. The plane encountered turbulence, and the flight got
a little bumpy, and Cameron‘s head leaned onto his shoulder. He froze for a split second and
turned to stare at the head leaning against his shoulder. Waylon raised his hand and brushed the hair t
hat was hanging on her forehead. After an hour
and a half, the plane finally arrived at Bassburgh Airport

Waylon rubbed her head. “It‘s time to get up.”

Cameron took off her mask in
a daze, subconsciously found herself leaning on his shoulder, and immediately sat up. She then stretch
ed and looked out the window. “We‘re finally back.”

Waylon and Cameron
got off the plane. When she walked out of the airport, the weather was so hot that she look off her jacke
t, and

Bet checks were flushed: “Can‘ we obtain the certificate tomorrow?” Waylon stopped in front of the car
and turned to look at her. “Tomorrow Is a Saturday, and the cily hall is closed on the
weekend.” She crossed her arms. “Another two days of waiting won‘t make any difference, right?” le str
etched out his hand and took the lady into his arms. “Don‘t you want to get your cards unfrozen?”

Cameron was rendered speechless. After leaving the airport, the two went straight to the city hall. Stan
ding outside the city hall, Cameron started to question herself a little. She turned around. “Or else, we‘ll
just come back two days late–”

Waylon wrapped his arm around her waist. “I may no longer want to get married in another two days.”

Cameron was startlccl.

Ke approached Cameron and said with a hint or amusement flashing across his eyes, looking as cunni
ng as a fox. “If I were to regret it two days later, then there‘s no other way to get Mr. Southern to unsrec
ze your cards. I don‘t know how long it‘ll take him to figure things out by himsell. Am I right?” 1

Cameron looked at Waylon‘s smirk and felt as if she had been tricked. “Wayne Goldmann, are you tryin
g to – Aah!”

Before she could finish her sentence, Waylon picked her up and strode into the city hall. Seeing all the
gazes that they had
managed to attract, Cameron quickly covered her face in embarrassment. “Wayne Goldmann, this is so
embarrassing. Let me down!”

He chuckled. “Be good, and don‘t move.”

In the registration hall…

Cameron and Waylon sat at the
table and presented their ID cards and other relevant documents, and the handler placed a document in

Waylon picked up the pen and signed the certificate immediately.

He then handed the pen to Cameron.

Cameron was still in a trance.

‘After leaving my signature on this piece of paper, we‘ll be officially husband and wise.‘ 1

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