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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 2318

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Chapter 2318 Cameron paused for a bit and looked at Waylon. “Do you really mean it?” Waylon laughe
d. “The certificate will be in your possession. What can I do to stop you
if you really want to dissolve the engagement?”

Carieron remained silent for a split second.

‘What he just said seems to make sense. We‘re only getting a marriage certificate, which will
be in my possession. And if I find out he‘s hooked up with another woman, I can file for a divorce anyti
me. That‘s as casy as ABC, isn‘t it?‘

“I‘ll get married to you, but I have one condition.”

He raised liis cyebrows. “And what would that be?”

Cameron looked at him. “You‘re not allowed to make our marriage public.”

Waylon narrowed his eyes for a moment. “Deal.”

Meanwhile, in acase…

Edison handed some photos to Nollace–the woman in the photos
was Tiffany.“After this woman let the filming site, she went to meet the influencer.”

Nollace tapped the table with his fingertips and squinted his keen eyes. “What did she do
with that female influencer?”

Edison replied, “I don‘t know, but she called someone as soon as she left.”

“Tiffany might‘ve admitted to being the person behind the scene of the incident, but she has also cover
ed up parts of the truth that would hurt her reputation, claiming that she did it only because she has a th

ing against Daisie. It‘s obvious that she‘s planning to direct the public‘s opinion toward the influencer to
make her take all the blame.

She withdrew herself from the crew only to show her white feathers and gain advantages elsewhere.

‘Did she really think that‘s a brilliant idea?

‘As an artist, her action has already gotten her a lot of unwanted attention. She even has the guts to pla
ce her future on the line, risking everything she‘s achieved in the industry. Not only is she not worried th
at she‘ll no longer get any job offer in the entertainment industry in the future, but she‘s also not afraid o
f being blacklisted. It
seems that the people behind her have promised her something, which is why she could do what she d
id with such
confidence. Nollace lifted his gaze. “You‘re to approach Ms. Larson and find out what she has to say ab
out the incident.”

After Daisie finished filming, she heard someone talking inside the dressing room as she walked toward
the room. She stopped by the door for a while before entering. “Is this true? Tiffany has been exposed
to be involved in the planning of the scandal, yet she‘s still being invited to participate in variety shows?

“Yaven‘t you seen it? She‘s published the news on her Twiller account Everything is bern confirmed.” “I
think she‘s lucky only because Daisie and Mr. Knowles have good tempers and don‘t plans to Pet back
at hier because of the incident. If it was someone else, she would‘ve been bannel by the whole industry
long ago.” “My guess is that she has the support of someone
powersul and influential in the industry. Oiherwise, low could she sull pot on to variety shows after som
ething like this lappened? The aftershock of the incident hasn‘t even passed yet, and she‘s already putt
ing up such a high proslle and promoting hersell. “And the main thing is that her brainless sans are still
trying to whitewash her, saying that Daisie is the one who‘s forced her into doing so. My God, even I wo

uld‘ve believed in her fans if it weren‘t for what she said about Daisie in front of us before this.” Several
actors who were waiting for their makeup to be put on were talking about Tiffany‘s allairs, and some fou
ght for Daisie.

Daisie knocked on the door, pushed it open, and went in.

The actors looked in Daisie‘s direction. Daisie said with a smile, “Oh, you guys are getting your makeup
I thought no one was here as the door was closed.”

She walked up to her dressing table, sat down, and removed her wig as if she had not heard anything T

“That‘s right. Tiffany knows that you have a good temper and that she‘ll surely get away with it as long a

The actors looked at Daisie.

They really did not know what could drive those people in the past into badmouthing Daisie back then. T

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